January 2000:

PITO’S FUND – His name was Pito. Abandoned at a shelter, he was a small lad, weighing about thirteen pounds, perhaps six or seven years old and filthy from where he obviously had been laying in his own urine. The Shelter contacted Westie Rescue to help save Pito. The rescuer was told that Pito has seizures, but wanted him to have a second chance. The rescuer promptly went to get Pito. Pito was picked up on a Sunday morning and was taken directly to the vet’s office for a complete check up. He seemed to enjoy the ride and snuggling in the nice towel in his carrier.

At the vet’s office, it became apparent that Pito had been abused…possibly used as bait for dog fights. His right rear leg had a ligature mark about half an inch wide like something had been tied around it for quite a while. It was thought that some of his toes may also have to be removed. There were also some marks around which may have been healing cuts, punctures, or bruises.

It was also believed that he may have had some trauma to the head. His vision in one eye was gone, and it was thought that he could only see shadows in the other. To get to the bottom of what was causing the seizures, Pito was going to need some extensive and expensive medical tests, which the independent rescuer simply could not have afforded on her own.

WESTIEMED jumped right in and started Pito’s Fund. As Pito was undergoing a series of tests, messages went out on the internet, and the public generously responded!

At the vet’s office, Pito was given lots of attention and was bathed and cleaned up. His seizures were stabilized, and the vet felt that we should wait a couple of days to see how he did.

On Wednesday, things took a turn for the worse. Pito’s behavior became very erratic and aggressive. This lasted the night and continued into the next morning. His condition worsened…and with heavy hearts, the decision was made to euthanize.

Although Pito did not make it, the last few days of his life were spent in loving hands.

WESTIEMED paid Pito’s bills in full. Unfortunately, Pito was never captured in any photograph during his short stay in rescue. Nevertheless, WESTIEMED is glad to have been able to help give Pito the second chance he deserved.