Angus - WestieMed Recipient


November 2001:

Angus was brought to a vets office by his owner to be put to sleep. Angus’s “crime” was that he had lost most of his hair, and the owner didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

Angus came from an owner that was using him strictly for breeding. He was not current on his vaccinations, on no heartworm prevention, unneutered (of course), no flea/tick control, and no veterinary history whatsoever.

Despite his grim background, Angus is truly a wonderful little guy with a great temperament!

Unfortunately for Angus, he did test positive for heartworms. WestieMed is helping with the costs to get Angus through his heartworm treatments and to bring this sweet boy up to an adoptable condition. Please keep Angus in your thoughts as he continues to recover.

See Update September 2002