Meghan - WestieMed Recipient


June 2002:

Meghan was left at a shelter in Florida. She was first rescued by an Airedale rescue representative who turned her over to Westie Rescue. While in foster care, she started sneezing and having nose bleeds. Westie Rescue in Florida had her medically examined and the vet conducted extensive testing to determine the cause of the problem. It was determined that Meghan has an inoperable nasal cavity tumor. Meghan is in a long-term foster home and is doing great. WestieMed is happy to have been able to financially help with Meghan’s diagnostic costs.


November 2002:

It is with a great deal of sadness that we share with you the news that Meghan has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. The cancer was overtaking her little body and it was just too much for her. 

Over the summer, Meghan’s vet attempted to debulk the tumor and get an idea of how invasive it had become. The tumor was then starting to cause damage to her dental structures, skull structures, and even the roof of her mouth. The vet and Meghan’s wonderful foster mom Dana tried to keep it at bay with antibiotics – both injections and pills. They also tried some dexamethasone injections. That all seemed to help.

Meghan started to refuse food about three weeks ago, she completely refused the dog food. They began cooking for her…she liked pasta, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, tuna fish, she began refusing human food. We tried one more heavy dose of dex and antibiotics, but she wouldn’t start eating. She had dropped from twenty to fourteen and a half pounds. The only humane thing for me to do was put her to sleep.

Dana writes, “I miss her very much, I had her cremated and had her ashes returned to me. She was a wonderful dog. My father misses her terribly as well. Megan will always have a special place in my heart, she fought cancer the best she could, she gave it her all. Thank You so much for all you have done for Megan.”