September 2002:

Angus came into our lives last year at Christmas. He had been used as a stud dog in a puppy mill, but had received little, if any medical care. He was rescued by a vet tech that had refused to euthanize him. At that time, he was very thin and had almost no hair-hardly recognizable as a Westie. 

We assumed Angus’s foster care through the Florida Westie Rescue group. He had just been diagnosed with heartworm, and he was very timid around our family our other two Westies. We joked that our dogs looked like Vikings—hairy, noisy, and leaving a path of destruction in their wake—in comparison with the meek, petite, and scrawny Angus.

Angus started coughing on Christmas eve, and our vet diagnosed advanced heartworm infestation on the day after Christmas. We began treatment immediately, and Angus rewarded us all by being a real fighter. It was hard to keep him quiet as the treatment progressed and he began to feel better. 

Angus - WestieMed Recipient
Angus – WestieMed Recipient

Angus is now heartworm free, and had recovered most of his coat. He still has 

hyperpigmentation on his withers and chest, and his hair may never grow back in some spots. While he is loving and warm with us, strangers sometimes scare him. He has slowly learned how to be a Westie and it has been amazing to watch him develop both physically and emotionally.

We look forward to finding a loving family for Angus. Many thanks to WestieMed for the support that helped us save Angus. Angus was our first foster dog, but we hope to be able to continue to foster additional Westies here in Florida. 

Sally McKee