Joey - WestieMed Recipient


January 2004: 

Hi, my name is Joey. I was rescued by my new family. I was in a puppy mill and sold to another puppy mill for breeding. That puppy mill didn’t want me. They found out I have a heart murmur called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), which is very dangerous to puppies. I cough a lot, my heartbeat is really fast, and I’m very tired all the time. So, because they thought I wasn’t perfect, they didn’t want me anymore. They returned me to my first puppy mill.

My new mommy heard about me and told my new daddy that she was going to get me because I was going to be put to sleep. Mommy and my new brother, Matthew, took one look at me and told the puppy mill woman that she would love me and take care of me. So she gave me to my new mommy and brother to take home.

Mommy thinks I’m perfect. Just three pounds of puppy kisses and fluffy white hair. Mommy carries me everywhere when I’m tired. I like to help her when she loads the dishwasher. My brother, who is thirteen, plays with me, even though he has a broken arm. Daddy walks me outside so I can play and learn to potty. I never knew people were here to love and pet me. I’d never been petted before I had my new family. I’ve been with my new family since December 23rd.

Mommy took me to the Doctor on December 24th. She said I have worms really bad. Mommy asked the doctor what PDA was? The Doctor said my heart valve wasn’t working right. It was passed on to me at the puppy mill. This condition does not allow my little heart to work right. Mommy asked the Doctor how long could I live like that. The Doctor told her he didn’t know if it would be two days or two weeks or two months. The Doctor told Mommy surgery was very expensive.

Mommy was very worried about me when she left the Doctor. She knew that just love and a good home and food wouldn’t fix me up. So she went on the Internet to look up my family’s history about little-Westie doggies. The more she read about PDA the more she realized I needed help and very soon.

She e-mailed a nice lady at Heartland Westie and told her what was going on with me and my heart. The lady knew how much my new family loved me and she wanted to help me. So she told my Mommy about WestieMed. WestieMed e-mailed my family back quickly. 

It was Christmas by now, and WestieMed had already given my family a call. We were so happy. We found someone else who loves me and cares what happens to sick puppies like me. WestieMed got me an appointment to see a nice surgeon Doctor named Susan. Dr. Susan was very nice to me. She held me and listened to my heart. It was beating so fast. Dr. Susan said I needed a picture of my heart to see what was going on. My appointment is Tuesday, January 6, 2004, for my heart picture.

WestieMed has been there for me and my family. WestieMed said they would pay for my surgery to help me live a long life and grow up to be a big strong dog. I’m very thankful for WestieMed and their wonderful staff, and Dr. Susan, and that nice lady named Anne at Heartland Westie Rescue, who have all helped me and my family.

Thank you very much. Love and puppy kisses! Joey

P.S. We’ll let you know how everything else goes.

Update: January 13, 2004: SURGERY DAY. 

Joey is doing just fine so far. The next 10 days will be critical for him as he heals. He had 2 bad nights before his surgery. Dr. Streeter indicated that he would not have lasted much longer without the surgery as he had gotten worse.

Dr. Streeter found nothing that was not expected. The surgery went well and the prognosis is excellent. She said Joey woke up with his tail wagging. Trying to stand up and whining. However, he was so uncomfortable and could not settle down. So, they put Theresa’s (Mom) coat next to him and he snuggled right up to it and went to sleep. Theresa sat there with him while he slept. What a TRUE Westie Mom.

No one at the hospital was allowed to call Joey by his name so he wouldn’t get excited. For the next 10 days, he is on “bed rest.” Theresa has to carry him everywhere so he doesn’t get excited or want to play. More to come.

Joey - WestieMed Recipient
Joey – WestieMed Recipient

Update: January 14, 2004:

Hi, thought we would send you the first picture of Joey and me after surgery. The doctor and staff said Joey did extremely well. They say he is a definite fighter. They shaved Joey’s side and chest to insert a chest tube and shaved his arm for IV’s. He has about a two to three-inch incision with stitches and a small hole where the tube was removed. They gave him morphine for pain. The vet called me last night to come to visit him, he was very happy to see me. They said he was very hungry and thirsty after surgery. 

Today Joey was released at 10:00 he was very happy to see me and eat. The doctor said she needs to see him in 14 days to take the stitches out. Then in three weeks after that Doctor Upten needs to do a follow-up ultrasound to evaluate the heart after surgery. Dr. Streeter was extremely impressed with his progress. The nurses fell in love with our little Joey. 

Joey is resting fine tonight. He loves being held and rocked. The Doctor said he would have to restrict his activity for at least ten days. No running, jumping or playing. He needs to stay calm. The next 10 days are very important to his recovery. The Doctor said that dogs recover more quickly with their owners because they are happier. 

We deeply appreciate Westiemed for their concern and love for Joey and the funds that were provided.

Love, The Washingtons and Joey

Update February 2004:

Joey - WestieMed Recipient
Joey – WestieMed Recipient
Joey - WestieMed Recipient
Joey – WestieMed Recipient

Update January 2007:


Joey - WestieMed Recipient
Joey – WestieMed Recipient