Duncan - WestieMed Recipient


May 2005:

My name is Duncan. I haven’t always been called by this name, only since March 30, 2005. That was the day I joined my new family. What an eventful day that was! In the morning, the kind folks at the county shelter who had been taking care of me sent me to be neutered. Later that day, my new mom showed up to take me home. She looked very happy. I already knew a little bit about her because she had come to visit me almost every day since she first spotted me at the shelter. You see, my mom thought of herself as a committed Dachshund person. In fact, my new brother is a fiftenn-month-old miniature Dachshund by the name of Albert. My mom originally came to the shelter to apply for a little Dachshund whose picture was posted online. Well, he was already spoken for and my mom was getting ready to leave the shelter when a volunteer informed her that the cutest little guy had just arrived as a stray. Of course, I’m referring to myself. With one look, my mom knew I was the one for her. She filled out all the necessary forms and waited for seven excruciating days to see if my former owner would come to claim me from the shelter. My mom was both glad and puzzled when no one came for me. I am not only adorable but also exceptionally well mannered. I respond to many commands, am completely housebroken, and am a much better listener than my new brother. Boy, it’s true when they say that Dachshunds are stubborn!

When I joined my new family, which not only includes my mom and dog brother, but also a grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunts, and cousins, I was instantly welcomed and loved. Everyone, without exception, commented that I was the best. My cousins, who are young children, adore me, and I am very patient and playful with them. I even have a Westie girlfriend who lives right across the street from me. My mom takes good care of me. I eat well, sleep in the big bed, and have a big, clean backyard to play in. She rarely leaves me home alone. I love riding in the car. I get to go to many fun places with her. (In fact, when my mom took me to a pet adoption event where she was helping out with Dachshund Rescue, I turned out to be the star attraction!) My favorite place is this huge field that folks around here use as a dog park. I like to walk and run with my mom and brother along the trail. I also enjoy greeting people and playing with all the dogs. I’m a good big brother to Albert; he gets beat up a lot, so I have to defend him on many an occasion.

Duncan - WestieMed Recipient
Duncan – WestieMed Recipient

Since I was a stray, my mom doesn’t know anything definite about my background. The shelter staff and my veterinarian estimate that I’m around two or three years old. While it’s clear I was trained by someone, it’s also evident that I was hit a lot. I clench my eyes and lower my head, preparing to be struck, whenever people lift their hands near my head. It makes my mom sad to see me do this. She hopes that with time I will learn that no one will lay a hand on me again. The other noticeable behavior I exhibit that concerns my mom is the way I use one of my rear legs. I have a tendency to have a hitch in my gait when I walk and run. My wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Taylor, informed my mom that I have a condition called patellar luxation that affects both my knees, causing my kneecaps to slip out of proper alignment. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is not uncommon in Westies. This causes me pain and, if not corrected, will likely lead to more severe problems later. One knee is worse than the other. Dr. Taylor strongly advised that I have an operation to fix my knee as soon as my mom could afford the expense. The good news is that the best orthopedic surgeon would perform the surgery. The bad news is that the operation costs a lot of money. My mom fretted about how she would manage to pay the bill. 

Then, she discovered something truly wonderful: WestieMed! With WestieMed’s generous support, I can have my operation sometime soon. I will let you know how everything goes. Everyone who knows and loves me is certain that I will handle my operation and recovery with courage and grace. My mom and I are extremely grateful for WestieMed’s assistance. We will not forget your generosity in our time of need.