Butters - WestieMed Recipient January 2008


Butters was adopted by myself in December of 2007 from a rescue group in central Pennsylvania.  His background is not completely known, but the rescue informed me he had come from a breeder with a group of other Westies. 

Butters is approximately three years old.  Many of the dogs that came with Butters were in poor shape and were very timid.  I become fond of Butters because of his outgoing personality.

Prior to adopting Butters, I noticed his ears had a growth in them, but the rescue informed me their vet had stated they were ear polyps that probably would not respond to treatment.  They stated if I was concerned, I could consult a specialist.  After adopting Butters I took him to the University of Pennsylvania’s Vet Hospital only to find out he needed surgery which would cost over $5,000.

Knowing Butters needed the surgery because of the constant pain he displayed from his ears, I knew I had to find a way for Butters to get the surgery.

Butters - WestieMed Recipient January 2008
Butters – WestieMed Recipient

Thankfully, I found WestieMed over the internet and Butters was sent to Ohio to receive surgery.  One of WestieMed’s generous members has kept Butters throughout the surgery recovery process and has kept me posted on his recovery.  Butters has gone from a low energy dog who was constantly scratching his ears to a happy, playful, and affectionate dog.

I know he will be happy living with myself and my two Labradors.  Despite his size, Butters is definitely the top dog and will not let the other dogs try to boss him around, even if they are 5 times his size!

I will be getting Butters back on February 18, 2008, and I am so happy to know he can finally live without the pain he has gone through for the first three years of his life.  Butters can now begin to live the happy life he should have always been able to live if only his previous owners had taken proper care of him.

I am so thankful that WestieMed has made it possible for Butters now to have the life he always has deserved.

Thanks for all of your help,
Jennifer Boddorf & Butters

Update February 26, 2008

I just wanted to let you know Butters is doing great.  He now has a lot more energy & likes to play with both of my dogs.  However, he gives my male lab a hard time about getting into bed at night.  I guess he doesn’t want another male in the bed!  He’ll growl until my other dog gives up and sleeps in the spare bedroom.  Haha–never would have thought a little dog would have so much power!  Other than that though, he gets along with them great & loves to chase them around.

He’s also very good about letting me put them medicine in his ears & seems to love his new food.

Thanks again for all of your help, 
Jennifer Boddorf

Update March 5, 2010

Butters is doing great!  His ear problems are much better now and are controlled by him being placed on a special diet and using occasional medications.

Despite his small size, he is still the pack leader of the dogs in the house.  It has taken some time and assistance from my boyfriend, but he has finally accepted me as the leader in the house.  He no longer tries to mark things in the house or bark when he is put in his crate.  It just took a simple “be quite” from my boyfriend when Butters barked in his crate and he’s good ever since!  And to think he had been ignoring my commands all this time!  I guess I had always just been spoiling him too much!  He is still the “baby” of the family though.

Thanks again for all your help!