Emily - WestieMed Recipient February 2011


Emily was surrendered to Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission (WARM) by the family of her deceased owner in early May of last year.  According to reports, she was in deplorable condition and obviously had been through some rough times.  When she was turned over to WARM she had very little hair (likely a result of neglect and abandonment) and her skin was in terrible condition.  Her teeth were also in very bad condition.  After several months at WARM, she was listed on Petfinder.  The Petfinder notes indicated in part:  “After being on a strict diet and premium food at WARM her hair is now growing in and she is going to be a real cutie…She was born around 2002, making her about 8…is still full of life and is so friendly and just loves everyone who comes to see her…is up to date with routine shots and spayed/neutered”. 

Emily’s situation came to my attention while I was searching Petfinder for a special needs Westie that I could perhaps sponsor in memory of  Duchess.  Duchess crossed the Bridge on Feb. 16 after a six wks battle with kidney failure/gall bladder disease.  Contact was made with WARM and a visit with Emily scheduled for July 27th.  WARM had focused on Emily’s hair/skin condition, giving her lime-sulfur dips, baths, and good food.  She had a full coat at the time of my visit, and the uneven growth reflected her hair loss had been substantial.  Emily was a very loving, happy little girl.  She would stand up on her hind legs and just smile!  Emily was being housed in a crate, going out for leased walks.  WARM had recently taken in a large number of dogs and appeared to be at capacity.  While out for the visit, we noticed Emily was urinating quite often so an appointment was scheduled for her to see the vet.  The application process was started and arrangements made for contact after Emily’s trip to the vet.  I was touched that after all Emily had been through, she still was loving and trusting of me.  Emily’s bloodwork and urinalysis checked out ok during the vet visit on the 29th, and although she did have diluted urine there was no sign of diabetes or crystals, etc.  I received an e-mail telling me “Emily would be delighted to go with you to a new and loving home.”  I drove to Conway on August 5th to complete the adoption process and bring Emily home.  She was on a precautionary low dose of Baytril and a followup will be done by her new vet. 

Emily quickly settled into her new home, becoming best buds with McDuffy (four years. old Westie mix) and seemingly felt right at home.  She does her share of trying to rid the neighborhood of squirrels and cat by barking at them, loves her squeaky toys, and enjoys a nap on the sofa after having a bowl of kibble.  She and McDuffy play chase, “squeaky” keep away, and toy “take away” (pre-ACL activities).  Mandee, seventeen-year-old blind Chihuahua, just tries to stay out of their way.  After settling in, we focused on health and beauty issues.  Grooming was first and then vet followup on 8/16.  Her right ear had a deep infection, was cleaned, treated and was put on Tribrissen 120 mg.  Rechecked 8/30, clearing up.  She went in on 10/4 for her dental, heavy tartar but no extractions needed, gums irritated and Clindamycin 23 mg. prescribed.  She came out with pearly whites and smiled at me to show them off.   Yeah – health and beauty goals met!

2010 was a tough year for little Miss Emily, losing her family, home, having several severe health issues, being moved into group housing and then on to a new home.  She is such a courageous girl, never complaining, just goes with the flow.  With a new forever home and her health issues taken care of, we hope for a better New Year. 

On Jan. 5, Emily was sick with vomiting and became dehydrated.  Her bloodwork was good, fluids administered, Cerenia and bland food for four days and all was well after several days.

Emily - WestieMed Recipient February 2011
Emily – WestieMed Recipient

On Jan. 18, Emily injured her left back leg while running after a squirrel, was not able to put it down at all.  Off we go to see Dr. Suggs again – Emily really likes him and always smiles at him – this is a good thing as we have been seeing him often!  The examination revealed an ACL injury with surgery recommended and scheduled for the following morning, Jan. 19.  The ACL was torn completely, was surgically repaired and total recuperation may take as much as four to six months.  Emily came through the surgery just fine, had a recheck on Jan. 31 and went in to get stitches removed on Feb. 7.  After a thorough exam, Dr. Suggs feels the knee is healing as it should.  Miss Em is slowly beginning to use the leg.  She will continue to be on restricted activity and leash walks for a while yet.  The next recheck is on Feb. 21.

And through it all, Miss Em continues to smile (and try to kill the green frog squeaky toy)!

I am so very thankful, WestieMed, for your assistance with the medical bills incurred for ACL surgery – that is such a tremendous help.  It is indeed a Godsend to me!    Emily, McDuffy and I are also very appreciative of the help you have given to Westies through the years.  As evidenced by the stories posted on your website, you have made a huge difference in the lives of many!  

May God Bless you and yours.


Update February 23, 2011

Emily is beginning to use the repaired leg a little more this week, primarily at a slow walk, walking on it a little.   She went for a recheck on Monday, Feb. 21.   The doctor was pleased she has begun walking some on the leg.  He said the knee is still “tight” but there is a loss of muscle mass in the leg,   We are to continue leashed walks for exercise to rehab. and call him in a month (unless a need arises for earlier contact) to update him on her progress.  Emily continues to be a happy, loving little girl and is still giving the green squeaky frog toy a trouncing!


Update March 13, 2011

Many thanks to WestieMed for providing funds for Emily’s surgery. She is an adorable little girl and deserves the best life possible.  I have enclosed a picture of Emily after trouncing the fearsome frogs! She is still limping but she seems more active.  

Thanks again and God Bless.


Update January 1, 2012

Emily sends wishes for a Happy New Year to you, the staff and volunteers at WestieMed. Hoping you have a wonderful year. Thanks again for the help with Emily’s medical expenses. She is doing well, seems to have fully recovered from the ACL injury she had in January 2011. She had a relatively short bout with allergy problems in the fall. A round of medications and change to Earthborn Coastal Catch food appears to be working. She is truly a blessing – always happy and such a wonderful companion. She continues to work towards making our neighborhood a cat-free squirrel free environment!!!! May God bless WestieMed, the staff, volunteers and the little ones seeking help. I pray God will provide in abundance ……. 

Carolyn Schofield