Lucy - WestieMed Grant Recipient September 2012


My name is Lucy. I’m thirteen years old and for most of my life, things were great. I was the pampered and cherished baby of an elderly man and was treated like a Queen. But one day, everything changed. My beloved man died and his wife wasn’t able to cope. People took me away from the plush indoor city life I had been living and drove me to rural Arkansas. I was tied to a stake outside in the heat. My beautiful fur disappeared as fleas and mites attacked my delicate skin, and I got a sunburn, too. A neighbor saw me and told the people to take me inside or she would call animal control. They put me on a porch and fussed when I pottied there. I ended up back outside most of the time. Although things looked bleak, I tried to remember my human, Papa. I waited for him to come and save me, but he never did. Instead, he sent some angels from far away to help me!

Meanwhile, my sad story had been relayed to some people in Knoxville, Tennessee, who started a campaign to save me! Brian and Debra Douglas told a friend named David Bolton who told another friend named Patsy Stair, who set things in motion. Soon, a miracle would happen—I would be rescued! On June 17, 2012, the Arkansas people loaded me in their car and drove for a long time. The car stopped, and they gave me to two sweet ladies. Their names were Diane Vann and Patsy Holt. They were from Alabama and they had driven all the way to Arkansas to save me! Once I was in their loving care, I knew things were going to be okay, and I never looked back.

Diane and Patsy H. drove to Nashville, Tennessee, and handed me to Patsy and David Stair. I said goodbye to the Alabama ladies and laid down on my new blanket in the front seat between David and Patsy. I love men so much that I scooted as close to David as I could.

When we got to Knoxville, Patsy cleaned up my face. My eyes had lots of hard stuff under them and I held still while she soaked it off. She talked softly to me and I noticed she was crying. I wanted to say, “yes, I look bad right now, but I trust that you will take care of me.” She brushed my teeth and used a warm cloth on my poor raw skin. The next day, she took me to a sweet groomer named Tania, who made me feel great. Then she took me to a pet store, where she bought me some fancy food, some treats, a toy and a pair of pink pajamas to cover my sunburned skin. At last, I was being treated like royalty again!

Then Brian and Debra Douglas met us, and once again, I was whisked away to another adventure. Because my skin was so bad, they took me to a dogtor where I lived for a few weeks. It was okay, but I wanted to be part of a family. Little did I know what was in store for me next!

Brian and Debra had been searching for a home for me, and one day, their friend, animal advocate Carmen Trammell, found the perfect place! Another car ride took me to a pretty house with a fenced back yard in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. A nice lady named Kaye Wimberly answered the door accompanied by her two rescued Yorkies and Westie girl. I could tell right away that this was a castle fit for the Queen I was, so I plopped in the middle of her bed and refused to move! I was home!

Luckily, Kaye knew all about Westies and their skin issues, and she took charge right away. Her other dogs wisely realized that I was special, so they let me be the boss.

Lucy - WestieMed Grant Recipient September 2012
Lucy – WestieMed Grant Recipient

By the time I got to Mama Kaye’s house, my skin was black, crusty, and oozing puss and blood—not a good situation for a Queen! I cried when I moved because it hurt so much. Kaye took me to Jackson Square Animal Clinic, and they diagnosed me with demodectic mange, cellulitis and bacterial pyoderma. They started me on antibiotics and shampoo therapy. Then, they found out that I had chronic renal insufficiency, low-grade anemia, and proteinuria. They put me on a Hills K/D Canine food, enalapril, and oral vitamins. Whew! Lots of big words for such a little dog to remember, but I was just glad they were taking care of my skin and my kidneys!

To help my skin get back to Diva condition, I am shampooed three times each week. Mama Kaye isn’t physically able to do it, so she takes me to the dogtor’s office and they give me the spa treatment. My skin is improving and I’m even growing back some of my gorgeous fur. I love playing with my toys and my fur siblings. Mama Kaye says I always will have a loving home with her!

Lucy - WestieMed Grant Recipient September 2012
Lucy – WestieMed Grant Recipient

While I was being pampered and doctored, Diane, Patsy, Brian, and Debra were busy raising money to pay my dogtor bills. I became a FaceBook celebrity! Lots of donations were received, but it wasn’t enough to pay for my baths and medicine. I’m pretty high-maintenance, you know! Diane contacted WestieMed, and Mama Kaye sent them my information. They even talked to the dogtor to be sure they understood what I am going through and what my future needs would be. Not surprisingly, the wonderful people at WestieMed thought I was worth saving, too! Because of WestieMed, I can be healthy and happy for the rest of my life! If I could, I would send kisses, licks, and sniffs to everyone who has helped me. I can’t help thinking my human Papa sent all the angels disguised as strangers to take care of me.

Update February 8, 2013

Just to let you know that Lucy is doing well. She has a little eye infection but it is clearing up fine. She also has problems with skin lesions occasionally, so she is on antibiotics off and on. I’ll send a picture later.


Update July 11, 2013

Lucy is doing pretty good.  She hasn’t had any skin lesions lately but is still licking her feet.  She went to the groomers today, so I’ll try to get a picture of her in the next day or two to send to you.  She is still on her special diet and medicine but seems to be doing good. 

She is definitely a little diva.  In fact, if she decides she wants some water in the middle of the night she starts barking until she wakes me and the other furry animals.  She has me trained already.  She is really a sweet girl.

I’ll send some pictures later.  I really appreciate all you have done for her.  It was such a shame what happened to her, but I’ll make sure she has a good life from now on.


Update February 10, 2014

Lucy is not doing very good right now so she and I could use your prayers. 

Lucy was doing pretty good until and a few weeks ago.  At that point she started sleeping more, not playing with her toys, and not eating as much.  Then she started losing weight.  I took her to the vet last week and we did so more blood work which had several items for the kidneys in the red line (i.e., not doing as well).  She has also lost about three lbs. from her last visit and her teeth were really bad.  We had put off doing a cleaning because of her other problems but decided that it may be part of the losing weight problem.  So, Lucy had a dental last Wednesday and the vet had to remove nine teeth.  I felt so bad that I had not done her dental earlier.  Anyway, she has not eaten much since then and I have had a real problem getting her to take her medicine.  So I took her back to the vet today.  She had lost an additional 4 oz., so the vet kept her overnight and probably for a few days to give her iv’s, antibiotics, and check her blood work again to see if any change in the kidneys.  I am making her some chicken and rice to take t her tomorrow.  I know she really loves the people’s food and the vet agreed that we needed to get her eating again and then go back to the kidney diet.  The chicken and rice should help her some.

So, please keep Lucy in your prayers.  She is such a special baby and I think she will come out of this.  The kidney blood work was not extreme last week so hopefully, we can get it back under control again. 

I don’t know what I would have done without WestieMed and everyone’s help.  She is a special little girl and I want to give her the best I can — she deserves it.

Thanks for everything.  I’ll keep you posted.

Update February 15, 2014

I got a good Valentine’s Day gift last night.  I got to take Lucy home from the Vet.  She has had a pretty rough week but was beginning to perk up a little. Thursday I was really worried because her blood work was elevated (in the red for the kidney functions) higher than earlier and she would not eat.  We decided to give her something for an upset stomach and that has helped.  She is now eating (hand-fed by the vets, the vet staff and me).  She has been a real Diva on giving her pills at the vet and at home.  I could use a stiff drink after giving her medicine and sure Lucy would love one too, but no luck for either of us. Friday evening she was feeling a lot better and even standing up in the crate.  She definitely was ready to go home, so she got her and my wish. 

The vet has added another medicine to help the kidneys.  She now is on Azodyl (which eliminate toxicants and helps the kidneys), Enalapril (heart and kidney), Clindamycin (antibiotic), something for upset stomach, Pet-Tinic (vitamins) and Recovery RS Dog food.  I have been hand feeding her chicken and scrambled eggs, but the little Diva has to be tricked.  I have to get her up the bed with the other dogs, give each dog a bite or two before she will eat her bites.  Then I give her more bites, as well as the others.  DOES SHE HAVE ME TRAINED.  It doesn’t matter I’ll do whatever it takes to get her feeling better.  Once she gets back to eating well, I’ll put her back on the kidney food.

I’ll keep you informed on Lucy’s progress.

Update February 18, 2014

I’m sorry to say that Lucy passed over the Rainbow Bridge last night.  I really appreciate all WestieMed did for little Lucy.  You really made her life extend a little longer.  She was in the Vet hospital all last week and I brought her home Friday when she seemed to be doing better.  She quit eating on Sunday but her kidneys were still functioning.  Monday she took a real turn for the worst and passed away that night. 

Thanks again for giving me time with my sweet little Lucy.
Kaye Wimberly

Update February 27, 2014

Lucy - WestieMed Grant Recipient September 2012
Lucy – WestieMed Grant Recipient

I will continue to donate to WestieMed as long as I can.  You do such wonderful work for Westies.  I was so blessed to have Lucy and grateful for your help.

I thought you might like to have a picture of Lucy. 

Lucy really loved her babies (toys) and would carry them from room to room particularly when it was time for bed.  Her favorites were Lamb Chop, baby Lamb Chop and Santa.  I don’t know how she did it, but she could get al three in her mouth. 

Hope you enjoy the picture.