Luzi - WestieMed Grant Recipient November 2012


Luzi was a dream rescue Westie girl for the San Francisco Bay West Highland White Terrier Club’s non-profit Westie Rescue of Northern California.  In addition to being the most popular request we get (female, one is two years old) she came already spayed, all shots up to date and no health issues.  The family that came to mind for her new forever home, Teresa Carle and David Martinez, had served me well with fostering a six-year-old male who was one of five puppy mill Westies we had on hand all at once.  This fairly feral foster (whose name has morphed from Seamus to Shamus to Tory to “The Great Ollie”) proved to be too stressful for their males, Romeo and Rufus, and they called and suggested their son as a suitable foster home.  It was a terrific solution to a real need and Teresa continued to provide for his vet care (removal of neutering stitches).  They also offered to foster any female to preclude gender rivalry.  And then this little twelve-pound wonder Luzi was surrendered so her family could travel.  Little did they know she was a traveler!  And the author of Luzi’s story switches from Mary Young, SFBWHWTC Rescue Chair, to Teresa Carle and Dave Martinez:

Luzi came to us at the end of June of this year.  Luzi is our fifth Westie, our second rescue, and our very first little girl. The moment Luzi arrived, she was instant friends with Romeo. They tore through the yard at top speed and leaped in and out of the wading pool until they were completely exhausted. For Romeo, also a two-year-old, it was love at first sight. Rufus, our nine-year-old, who has bladder cancer, took a bit longer to accept that she was actually going to stay, but they too are now best friends. Luzi can get Rufus to play even when he does not feel well.

When we walk the three of them in our Sacramento neighborhood, in downtown Calistoga, or through various campgrounds (we take the three in our RV), people always stop and talk to us and want to know all about the dogs. The boys are handsome for sure, but it is always Luzi, that receives the most compliments about how cute she is. Luzi only weighs twelve pounds, so she still looks like a puppy. She has such beautiful eyes and she is very charming.

Luzi’s most favorite thing in the entire world is to take walks. Her leash hangs in the laundry room and if she wants to go out, she will sit in her bed and stare at her leash and bark. She is a good little walker for such a tiny girl. She keeps up with Romeo who is near twice her size. Today, I put a raincoat on her for the first time, because we had to get out despite the constant drizzle. Boy was that fun, trying to get that raincoat on her! We have a bit of training to do.  Luzi is a key part of our family and we know that she will comfort us all once our Rufus passes on. Today I bumped my head really hard and was in tears. Luzi was the first one to run over with a concerned look on her face and offers of kisses. We are very blessed to have this loving little girl in our lives.

And now back to Mary of SFBWHWTC Rescue.  Luzi’s urinary tract infection proved to be non-responsive to antibiotic treatments so it was necessary for her to have surgery to remove crystals that were lodged in her urethra.  A very complicated and expensive process made manageable by WestieMed’s generous contribution to this deserving Rescue and her family.  We are both very grateful to WestieMed for fulfilling your mission to help needy rescues overcome unexpected and expensive medical costs.  This little Westie will be back in the pool soon thanks to WestieMed.  And also back “on the road again” charming all of Northern California with her sweet, engaging personality as she serves as an excellent “SpokesWestie for our breed, for our Rescue organizations and for WestieMed.


Mary Young, SFBWHWTC Rescue Chair
Teresa Carle and Dave Martinez

Update June 21, 2013:

Luzi is doing fantastic! She is so darn cute and getting better each time I groom her. She is much calmer and trusting. It just takes time. I have to remember that she was taken from her mommy. She loves to curl up right by my chest when I lay on the couch.  Also, far fewer accidents with medication Proin and after her bladder stone surgery had time to heal. She gets rewards and praise. She is such a wonderful dog.  She does have to wear a bark collar while we are gone because of the neighbor’s complaints. She is yappy without it but seems calm and happy with the collar on.

Teresa and Dave