Toby - WestieMed Grant Recipient June 2014


I am a retired senior, that has been a Westie lover my whole life. My first Westie was named Jellybean by my kids that were very young at the time. My Jellybean lived to be eighteen years old. After I recovered from that loss, I adopted Casper from a shelter. He was a wonderful guy. He also lived a long spoiled life.

I was in a Petsmart store a while ago and was shopping for my cats when I spotted an elderly woman with a Westie. Well, I had to go and visit him. The woman was very nice and told me she had gotten Toby from a shelter but was afraid she wasn’t going to able to keep him. She said her husband was very ill with cancer and was in the hospital. She said she was afraid she was going to have to take him back to the shelter. I said, oh no!!! I gave her my phone number and asked her to call me if she thought she couldn`t care for him anymore. A week later I got a call from her, and I went and met her at the Petsmart. Toby came home with me. Love at first sight.

I am on a limited income, and when I realized Toby was going to need vet care, I was afraid of the high cost. Thank goodness I found WestieMed on the internet. I had no idea that there was such a bunch of dedicated Westie lovers!

Toby is laying at my feet right now. Goes everywhere with me, and, of course, sleeps on the bed!!!

Once again, thank you!!!
Carole and Toby

Update July 14, 2015

Toby does have allergy issues that are seasonal. And recently he came down with a bacterial infection that required a trip to the vet. I was able to handle the expense myself.

He is just a wonderful boy and I love him.

Thank you,
Love, Carole and Toby