Angel - WestieMed Grant Recipient August 2015


Angel came to us via a small rescue group in Arkansas.  We learned about her by reading a post on Facebook, she had been turned into a small city-run dog pound by someone who claimed they found her as a stray.  The Arkansas rescue ladies drove the dog to St Louis, a kind volunteer of another terrier rescue group in St Louis drove the dog to Columbia, MO where I met her on a Sunday afternoon and drove five hours home.  We named the dog, Angel, in honor of the group who had originally rescued her.  Angel was pretty vocal in her kennel at first but settled in nicely for the ride home.  It was shockingly apparent that she would require a great deal of help from our veterinarian to regain her health.

Upon arriving in her foster home, Angel settled in quickly learning the routine, the yard and began playing with the other dogs.  Her visit to the veterinary clinic the next day brought us a diagnosis of intestinal parasites, anemia, yeast and bacterial infection of her skin and ears, her eyes were completely devoid of tear production, her front teeth were missing and broken to the gum line, and she tested positive for heartworm.  She was also not spayed.  We initially questioned whether or not we should proceed with the costly course of treatment but Angel quickly showed us that she was not ready to give up and that she thoroughly enjoyed life and especially the good, home-cooked meals topped with goat’s milk that she is served twice a day.

After a course of thirty days of treatment with doxycycline, and with help from WestieMed, our vets will take X-rays and repeat the blood work in anticipation of the heartworm treatment.  We hope that Angel’s future is much happier than her past but regardless of the outcome, we will do whatever we can to make this chapter of her life a happy one filled with love, fresh air and sunshine, a huge yard to romp in, rabbits and squirrels to chase, and toys filled with squeakers and stuffing.  We will pamper her and love her regardless of the outcome.

Janeal Dominico, CPDT-KA
Wag N Train Terrier Rescue

Update February 16, 2016

Angel is still recuperating from her heartworm treatment.  After the initial treatment, she still tested positive so our vets had to give her a third injection.  She will be retested again in a couple of weeks at which time if she tests negative, we will then proceed with her much-needed dental work and her spay surgery.

Her foster mom bathes her weekly to help with her skin and she remains the happiest girl one could imagine, given that her condition causes miserable symptoms.

Angel does have an approved adopter that is eager to take her home and make her a part of the family when cleared by our vets.

Janeal Dominico, CPDT-KA
Wag N Train Terrier Rescue

Update November 17, 2016: (Angel now called Addie)

Angel was cleared of heartworm and then spayed and had her teeth cleaned at which time she lost several badly infected teeth. 

Soon after she was adopted by Scott and Hanna, who are both college students here in Omaha. This little girl now known as Addie is their entire world and vice versa.  Don’t you just LOVE happy endings?

Thank you to the donors who make funding through WestieMed possible.  Angel owes her life to the kindness of many, many strangers along her journey to good health and happiness.

Janeal Dominico, CPDT-KA
Wag N Train Terrier Rescue 
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