Maisy- WestieMed Grant Recipient August 2016


Maisy was surrendered to the Westie Rescue of Missouri on Sunday, July 17th. She was just seven months and eleven days old. She lived in a second-floor apartment and spent most of her life in a kennel. The apartment complex was surrounded by concrete drives with little to no grassy areas. She was surrendered because she was having more frequent accidents in her kennel and the couple was expecting their first child with the mother experiencing a difficult pregnancy.

Maisy rode on my lap on the way to our home. She seemed very curious, happy, and filled with lots of kisses. We stopped at a park on the way to let her out and when we sat her in the grass, she did not know what to do. She slowly started exploring with her head buried in the grass, sniffing and sniffing as if it were her first experience. When we got home we showed her the backyard and her new home. She ran through the house over and over and over again at full speed.

First up were a bath and an appointment at the vets and groomers. She had never been groomed, afterward; she looked so tiny and even more adorable. After the initial visit to the vet, she received a healthy report and we started her on heartworm and flea and tick medicine. At her spay appointment, the veterinarian found a problem with her heartbeat. We were devastated at first because we had two Westies that had died from heart problems. Alex lived to be thirteen years old and Gracie (also a rescue puppy that we adopted at the age of two years old) lived to be fifteen years old.

While Maisy healed from her spay surgery, we all truly became a family. It feels like she has always been with us. She is so ornery and sweet at the same time. She ran off with a bar of soap, she pulled the towels down off the towel rod and dragged them out of the bathroom, and she constantly needs a toy instead of your hand to chew on. However, she looks directly into your eyes. She climbs up and sits on your shoulder like a Cockatoo. She loves to play hide and seek she creeps around the furniture to sneak upon us. She loves being outside and going on walks. She sleeps between us at night and loves to be covered up with her little quilt. She loves car rides. But mostly she loves to run up and down the fence and chasing the neighbor’s dog back and forth. She will run over to us for approval and then go back to running the fence line.

Maisy is currently being seen by a veterinary cardiologist. She is currently being evaluated with test doses of medication to control her heart problem.

Maisy does not have any more accidents – she is a rock star!

Update April 8, 2016

Maisy- WestieMed Grant Recipient August 2016
Maisy- WestieMed Grant Recipient

Thank you so much for your support for our Maisy.

She is doing great under the supervision of her veterinarian and cardiologist. Her condition is being managed with medication and monitoring.

She is our little love. She is adorably curious, she loves attention, and is a thief of all socks.

Thank you so much for helping her!

Update November 22, 2017

Maisy- WestieMed Grant Recipient August 2016
Maisy- WestieMed Grant Recipient

Maisy is doing great.  

She is still taking her Atenolol twice daily.

I am scheduling her for her annual cardiologist appointment soon.  

Thank you again for your support last year. 

Isn’t she a cutie!!!