Sonny - WestieMed Grant Recipient August 2018


February of 2017, I went to the Humane Society of Broward County and laid my eyes on the cutest white Westie-mix. I knew at first contact I had to rescue him from possibly being put down.

After getting him home we voted as a family to name him Sonny because of his bright personality.

After a few months of having him, I noticed that Sonny walked to the left and then started to limp a little. It wasn’t until after I took Sonny to see the Vet a few times we came to the conclusion that x-rays were needed to be done to rule out cancer and get to the root of the problem. I agreed and even though they ruled out cancer they informed me that my son Sonny has Hip Dysplasia, a torn CCL, and Arthritis. The doctors felt like Sonny suffered from these conditions for a while and without surgery or intensive rehab he will become lame and damage his good limbs.

Sonny has a true Westie spirit and loves to play and be active, but with those types of injuries, he had to stay medicated and sometimes restrained to help the healing.

Although Sonny is a rescue dog he was the one who truly rescued me. Being diagnosed with Lupus three years ago my world seemed a little overwhelming and I felt alone in this process. Sonny came into my life this bubbly and loveable creature that stayed by my side during terrible Lupus flares, I would be remiss if I was to give up on him when he never gave up on me. As the cost of Vet visits added up and now the new cost of treatment I was at a loss.

Only with the help of WestieMed, I am able to move forward in Sonny’s intensive rehabilitation so he can be that typical over-active Westie that he was designed to be.

Thank you so much for assisting us with the care of our family member SONNY!

Melody Black