Molly - WestieMed Grant Recipient February 2018


Last year we lost our precious Westie girl, Lexie. She was ten when we adopted her. It’s because of Lexie we fell in love with senior Westies.

Shortly after Lexie’s passing, we contacted Rachel Phelps with Preston Cares Network inquiring about another Westie.  Rachel informed us that she had a ten-year-old female Westie named Molly who had been surrendered by a breeder from Kentucky.  Rachel was very upfront with us about Molly having some health issues.  Molly was heartworm positive when she was surrendered and had just completed heartworm treatment.  The treatment was very rough on her.  Poor Molly also had a very large Inguinal Hernia that needed to be repaired and the poor girl still needed to be spayed.

The lady who surrendered Molly said she only bred her a couple of times, however, I find that hard to believe considering the size of the hernia. I also believe Molly spent many hours, days, weeks locked in a wire kennel.  Her teeth are worn down to the gum line, more than likely from trying to chew her way out.

I truly believe Molly had a terrible life in her first nine years.  Molly is the sweetest dog.  She loves to cuddle, go on car rides and go for walks.  She has a few health issues and has made many trips to the Veterinarian and to a specialty hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

We made a promise to Molly that we will take care of her and make her last years of life amazing.  Molly now has a mom and dad, an eleven-year-old human brother, Aiden who adores her.  Along with a fourteen-year-old Westie brother Bernie, a thirteen-year-old Westie sister Heidi.  Molly is also loved and protected by two more brothers, three-legged six-year-old Australian Shepherd mix Snickers and eight-month-old Great Pyrenees named Sammie (Molly actually keeps him inline).

We all love Molly so much and will always give her what she needs and deserves.

Thank you WestieMed and the Kandy Merric Memorial Fund for helping make it easier to provide Molly with the best medical care possible.

Jamie Robb