Luna - WestieMed Grant Recipient January 2019


Luna joined our family in July of 2018. We met her and instantly fell in love with her calm charm and sweet disposition. She came into our lives somewhat unexpectantly after we lost our dog Peetie of twelve years. We stopped into our local animal shelter MADAAC. They are the first stop for stray or abandoned animals before other local institutions. Our family had considered adopting another family member and we decided to stop by to see how their process worked. They told us Luna had just been brought in the night before as a stray. She was on the thin side and had a nasty ear infection. We hesitantly decided to meet her as we weren’t sure if we were emotionally ready for another dog. Peetie was a very important piece of us. However, it is a decision I am so happy we made.

When she entered the small six by six-foot space we instantly smelled a strong rancid scent. It was her ear infection, it was really nasty and looked as if it had been going on for months and months. The whole left side of her head was brown with discharge from her ear. They told us she was most likely around three, she wasn’t spayed and wasn’t chipped. She immediately jumped onto our laps for attention. It was wonderful. Luna had just been brought in the night before, so there was a five-day adoption hold for her. But, we knew we had to go for it.

Five long days passed and Luna has still had not been spoken for. Who wouldn’t claim such a special baby? They scheduled her spay and we could take her home! We were told her ear would be cleaned thoroughly and we made arrangements with our family veterinarian to start treating the infection. All was falling into place until we went to pick Luna up from her procedure.

It became very clear it was not just an ear infection in Luna’s ear, but something worse. She had growths all deep within her ear preventing the infection from escaping. This made it evident she would require more than antibiotics and most likely surgery. MADAAC gave us a choice of not adopting Luna. But, it never crossed our minds to give up on her as her previous owner must have done. She was already a member of our family and we were bonded, for life.

After getting spayed, we took Luna back home to get her used to her new home and family. She was quiet, sweet, and gentle. Everything we could’ve hoped. But, her body language suggested that she may have been mistreated in her life. She cowered in fear, and after making a mess in the house, she ran underneath a bed to hide. We Immediately took her for grooming and to our vet for care.  We were hoping for a non-surgical solution for her ear.  The medications were not working.  We had a culture done to be sure the correct medications were being used for the type of infection she had.  We finally got the right stuff but as soon as the rounds of medication were complete, the infection came back.  She has been on antibiotics and prednisone since July.  All of the Vets said the same thing.  Prolonged steroid and anti-biotic use would be hard on her system and it would shorten her life.

Day by day, Luna has warmed up to us and I know she loves us all just as much as we love her.  She is so delicate, gentle and sweet to everyone.  She plays with children, loves to cuddle, and loves to give kisses.  She is a true companion. However, her ear issue has only become worse. And she will have to have her entire ear canal removed.

With the help of WestieMed, Luna will have her TECA surgery in January of 2019 so she can continue to live joyously and without infection with her new family.


Update January 26, 2019

Luna - WestieMed Recipient January 2019
Luna – WestieMed Recipient January 2019

Luna had her surgery on the 21st and came home on the 23rd.  She is doing well!! 

She has a blinking issue that should resolve with time.  We have to put an ointment in her eye to prevent ulcers.  She should get her stitches out in a week!

Thanks again!  Without you and your organization, this would not have been possible.


Update August 30, 2019

Luna - WestieMed Recipient August Update2019
Luna -August Update 2019

Yes, everything is fine.  We are so grateful for your help!

Luna has definitely found her forever family. It was love at first sight and it has grown with each passing day.

Her ear surgeon did a great job and she only had partial facial paralysis for about a month. We had to put drops in her eyes four times a day to deter any eye issues. She has adjusted well too.

It was evident when we brought her home that she had been abused. She would cower and got complete stiff when we picked her up. She isn’t afraid as much now, although she is still skittish at times.

In the year that we have had her, she had an accident two times!!!! It was our fault for misreading her. She is really good about letting us know.

She is madly in love with my college-aged son. They have an amazing bond. My 85-year-old mother moved in and Luna has a constant companion all day long.

I can’t thank you all enough for the help. Luna would have had to be on antibiotics for the rest of her life and would have most likely had to be put to sleep eventually when the antibiotics stopped working.

She is honestly the sweetest little girl we could have hoped for.


Update December 12, 2019

Everything is great with little Luna. Her little ear healed well and her facial paralysis went away. We are madly in love with her and I am pretty sure, she is madly in love with us too.

She is having a little issue with her back knee but it doesn’t seem to hurt her at this point. It just moves a little funny when she walks.

She does have some emotional baggage that has not lifted yet. She still cowers and if you touch her back she sort of sinks in a petrified manner. It is so sad. I absolutely cannot understand why or how anyone could harm an animal no less this gentle girl.

Attached is a picture of her and my son. Thanks again for all that you do. You saved little Luna’s life!

Happy Holidays!!

Brenda and Luna