The story of Hungarian Bandi 

Bandi is a 14 year old Westie gentleman, who never had the life a Westie supposed to have. 

He was found in 2020 on the streets of Eger, Hungary in a very bad state. The local shelter knew him already, as he was wondering around many times. Previously he had a better life (maybe), but when a newborn came to the family, he was given to the grandmother, who obviously did not gave a damn. This time he was so dirty, so weak and hurt, that they immediately contacted us. Together we achieved that the owners give him to our care. In Hungary, the legal procedures of animal protection are quite complicated, so this was the fastest way to have Bandi and help him. 

We took him to our vet immediately. He had holes in his back area (under the tails), worms were coming out from the wounds, we have never seen anything like it. He had a papilloma on his eyelids, hurting him all the time. He could barely walk due to a previous injury and he was underweight. He was very kind and grateful for the care, he knew that his life will change from now.

First we started to take care of the wounds, he got antibiotics and immune boosters. Obviously it needed time, but they healed very well. When he was strong enough for his first surgery, we had his eye fixed. Thanks to the great care, he took anesthesia without any problems. Then he had a couple of months break before we had the orthopedic surgery to remove a fractured femoral head. He had some complications afterwards, seemed that some nervous problem, but with proper medication we could make his status better. He regularly have physiotherapy treatments since then. The last surgery after a another break was neutering. We did not want to put him through another trauma, but he had a tumor in his testicles and we wanted to make his life as long and as healthy as possible. So he had 3 surgeries within a year, which is quite a lot in his age, but he recovered well. 

Bandi found his furever home with the lady who took care of her during the rehabilitation. He is now living the ideal senior life, having his own bed, yummy food and a mom, who cares for him and will love him until his last heartbeat will come. 

Thank you WestieMed that you made this happen and helped us make Bandi such a happy guy. 

Kind regards,  Viktória

Hatvani Viktória
Westie Rescue Hungary

Lencsi - WestieMed Grant Recipient February 2017


Lencsi is an approximately nine to ten years old Westie lady who was rescued in May 2016 in Hungary. She was found in the countryside on the street in horrible condition, so Westie Rescue Hungary picked her up immediately the same day. She did not have a microchip and her owner was not found. Probably that was her luck.  

During her first examination at the veterinarian, the following was diagnosed:

  • Ultrasound examination – small lime crystal sediments are visible on the liver and kidneys. Hernia, probably the uterus is protruded. Operation is URGENT.
  • Lacrimation check – very low, KCS disease, treatment twice a day.
  • Skin issues – infections, alopecia, scratching, postulate, the overall state is devastating. Antibiotics for 2 weeks, mono-diet with hypoallergenic pet food, biweekly bathing. The ear also infected daily treatment.
  • Blood was taken and sent to the lab – the result is promising, only the leukocyte is higher but only due to the inflammation in her body.
  • Heartworm test: POSITIVE
  • Transponder inserted

So we needed to look into her eyes and decide how to proceed, we had to be honest since we had doubts if we can succeed. She was in a lot of pain and we probably never had such a complicated case. But her sweet face and calm, kind nature convinced us that she will fight, she will recover so we started the long rehabilitation

Due to the heartworms, before the surgery we made a heart ultrasound examination as well, which showed that the adult worms are in the lung artery, blood pressure was normal. We operated on her hernia and was obviously neutered her at the same time. Although it was a dangerous operation, her will to survive was strong enough to stay with us. Both back legs had a torn knee ligament – examined by a specialist before the surgery – but we concentrated first on the heartworms and her general condition.

In July allergy test was performed as the improvement was not that satisfying. After the results, we continued with suitable hypoallergenic pet food.

In August we could proceed with the heartworm removal with a catheter which was performed by an Italian specialist – the first time we had this kind of surgery on a Westie. As a result, two adult heartworms were removed and medical treatment was continued. Her skin became better and better with time.

In December we made a control blood test and the results were perfect. The lacrimation check also showed significant improvement. All vaccinations could be given to her and the control heartworm test gave a NEGATIVE result. So we were very happy!

We got the green light to do the surgery of her leg and in January 2017 after an x-ray, the surgery was performed. Her leg will never be perfect, but she won’t have pain anymore. After a short break, we plan to operate the other leg in March. And after that, almost one-year rehabilitation will end and Lencsi will hopefully find her forever home.

Lencsi’s medical costs were high, so we can say that she is one expensive Westie, but WestieMed will help us to cover most of it for which we are very grateful.

Update November 22, 2017

Lencsi - WestieMed Grant Recipient February 2017
Lencsi – WestieMed Grant Recipient

Lencsi had been adopted yes and she is doing fab.