As an individual involved in the rescue, placement, and/or care of West Highland White Terriers, I agree to either meet or exceed the standards as set forth in the following Code of Ethics:

  1. I will maintain my rescue as a non-profit endeavor – whether our group is an organization recognized by the state and/or federal government, or the work of one or more private individuals — and will conduct my rescue activities on a voluntary basis, receiving no personal compensation or large gifts for rescue work. 
  2. I will ensure that all volunteers in my rescue are educated in their area of service, whether fostering, adoption screening, temperament evaluation, transportation, and/or educational outreach. 
  3. I will educate potential adopters about issues regarding Westies, such as temperament, health, training, and care, and will provide follow up advice and assistance to adopters. 
  4. I support WestieMed’s definition of Westie Rescue which is to facilitate the rescue and adoption of stray, abandoned, neglected, abused, and surrendered Westies of pure breed lineage and Westie-mixes displaying the physical and behavioral attributes of a pure-bred Westie, and to place adoptable Westies into permanent, loving homes. 
  5. I will recommend (if desired) specific West Highland White Terrier Clubs and/or responsible breeders, to adopters desiring such information, and I support WestieMed’s definition of “responsible breeders” which is: “Reputable breeders are those who study the breed, usually are members of local and/or national breed clubs, often exhibit at dog shows, carefully plan and execute a breeding program. They take all appropriate health care of the mother and puppies, socialize the puppies, and carefully screen and educate the potential new owners of the puppies. They will stand behind their puppies to the extent of taking the puppies (or dogs) back if there is a problem and refunding money or replacing puppies with genetic defects.” 
  6. I will not knowingly give or sell a Westie of any age to any pet shop, catalog house, laboratory, or any wholesale dealer in dogs, or to any person who sells to pet shops, catalog houses, laboratories, or wholesale dealers, nor will I in any way knowingly aid or abet the sale of any Westie through any of the above. 
  7. I will house rescue Westies – and all animals in my care — under sanitary conditions, which meet or exceed all minimum standards as defined by local health and sanitation authorities and will provide appropriate food, clean water, and shelter. 
  8. I will provide appropriate routine veterinarian care for fostered Westies – and all animals in my care — including regular inoculations, heartworm testing, administration of preventive heartworm medication, and emergency care, and ensure they are free of parasitic infestations. 
  9. I will temperament evaluate each animal and exercise good judgment to assure its suitability for placement. I will not knowingly place a vicious or otherwise seriously temperamentally unsound dog in an adoptive home. I will ensure that rescue dogs deemed unadoptable for reasons of health, temperament, or any other reason will be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian, or certified euthanasia technician and properly disposed of. 
  10. I will thoroughly interview potential adopters utilizing two or more methods such as written application, phone interview, home visit, and a face-to-face interview, with the goal of placing all rescue Westies in homes that are breed-appropriate and specifically appropriate to each individual Westie; require adopters to be at least 18 years of age, and obtain landlord written approval for prospective adopters who rent or lease their residence. 
  11. I will require sterilization for all rescue Westies and will use a written sterilization contract when sterilization is not performed pre-adoption. If the contract is not followed, I will make every effort to reclaim any unsterilized pets within three months of the contract date, unless there is a veterinarian’s written certificate as to why the sterilization can not be done or needs to be delayed. 
  12. I will review the current veterinary records or receive a Veterinarian reference on prior pets or other pets in the prospective adopter’s home prior to the placement of the rescued Westie. 
  13. I will utilize a written adoption contract that fully discloses all health and temperament information about each rescue dog — I will never knowingly misrepresent a rescue dog’s age, medical condition, and/or temperament to anyone. 
  14. In order to prevent their unlawful use, I will not release the original registration papers of any rescue dog to the adopter(s), even if the animal is sterilized. 
  15. I agree to conduct myself in a courteous manner in rescue work such that my behavior brings credit to the image of Westie Rescue and animal rescue in general, and I will not make unfair or untrue statements about the dogs or practices of others involved in the rescue, placement and/or care of West Highland White Terriers. 
  16. I will at all times act in the interest of the breed and of the well being of individual dogs and will practice and promote responsible dog ownership, which includes, but is not limited to, the spaying and/or neutering of pets.