WestieMed Newsletter
 Read about a few of the deserving rescued Westies we have helped during the past few months with financial assistance for medical care.  With our help, these Westies have regained their health and have been given a second chance for a happy life.  Read about our fundraising efforts all for the Love of Westies.  Read more…

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 See all the beautiful Westie designs in our CafePress store. WestieMed’s CafePress store features household items and apparel items with unique Westie designs for all seasons donated to WestieMed by renowned artists.  New Westie designs and new items are added often so check back frequently.  Visit our CafePress Store…

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Artists to the Rescue
 WestieMed would like to acknowledge and thank the artists who have generously and graciously donated their designs in support of WestieMed’s mission of helping rescued Westies.   Read more…
WestieMed 2011 Slide Show
 — See the Westies we helped in 2011

Westies We Helped in 2011

WestieMed 2010 10th Anniversary Slide Show —
See some of the Westies we helped during the past 10 years.

WestieMed 2010 Slide Show — See the Westies we helped in 2010.

Westies We Helped in 2010

WestieMed 2009 Slide Show — 
See the Westies we helped in 2009.