WestieMed’s desire is to help a greater number of Westies. We allow funding for any one individual applicant or rescue group to a maximum of $2,500 per case not to exceed $5,000 per calendar year (January – December). Per our Funding Guidelines, each case will be assessed on an individual basis. 

WestieMed Application Form:

Applying for financial assistance from WESTIEMED is a simple process, but we regret that not all applicants, dogs, or medical conditions will meet our funding criteria. To determine whether your Westie is eligible for financial assistance through WESTIEMED, please read the following before completing an application:

Mission Statement
Funding Guidelines
Code of Ethics
Application Procedures

Once you’ve confirmed that your Westie meets all of our requirements, the next step is to fill out this application. At the end of this application, you will be asked to confirm that you have read all of the above and understand that if funding is approved, you agree to abide by all rules and contingencies set forth by the organization. Please ensure that you have read those items prior to filling out this application. 

DO NOT complete this application. 
WESTIEMED is NOT able to consider applications for assistance for non-Westies or established pet Westies (i.e. dogs who are not in a rescue situation or who have not recently been rescued). If you have any questions about this, please see
our Funding Guidelines, Item number 8.

If this Westie is your pet and you need assistance, please visit these websites: 
The CareCredit credit card can be used for human and veterinary healthcare.
Extend Credit can also be used for veterinary care.
Waggle is a pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform that partners with veterinarians.
HSUS listing of national and state organizations that help pet owners
Best Friends Animal Society
Canine Cancer Awareness
Frankie’s Friends
Handicapped Pets Foundation
The Mosby Foundation
Paws 4 A Cure
The Pet Fund
Shakespeare Animal Fund
Fairy Dog Parents 
Magic Bullet Fund
Brown Dog Foundation
 Red Rover
Loving Hearts 4 Paws 

Instructions: Please read as instructions have changed.


Please complete the Google Form using the link below and click submit.


Each field of the application must be completed. If a field does not pertain to your case, please mark N/A. If you are affiliated with a rescue group, you must name the rescue group or organization.Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please email the completed application to with your Westie’s photo and all veterinary receipts or invoices to be considered. Failure to supply your Westie’s photo, veterinary receipts, or invoices will result in a denial of your request. 

If you have any questions or problems submitting this form, please contact

If this is a life or death emergency and you need a response from us within 24 hours, then YOU need to make sure we are provided with the following:

  1. The vet must be available to speak with a WESTIEMED representative.
  2. You must get a picture of the dog to us within 24 hours. You can e-mail a picture to If you are not able to e-mail one, but choose instead to send one by overnight mail, the address is:WESTIEMED, Inc.
    27 Savi Avenue
    Waterford, CT 06385If you do not have a camera, you may want to purchase an inexpensive disposable camera, take photos of the dog requiring assistance, have the film developed at a one-hour or overnight photo shop, and forward the photos to WestieMed. Some photo shops offer services where they will put the photos on a disk for you.
  3. In the medical section of the application, please give us as much detail as you can on the nature of the treatment needed and information on what treatment has already been given.