1. Once your application is submitted, you will receive a preliminary response acknowledging that we have received your application. The members of the WESTIEMED Board will discuss the application and may request additional information as needed to come to a decision. The Veterinary Advisory Board of WESTIEMED will be contacted as necessary to assist Board Members in making the funding decision. 
  2. WESTIEMED may also require verification of the confirmation or medical condition of the dog and/or review of veterinary charges through direct inspection by an individual appointed by the Board of Directors of WESTIEMED.
  3. A photo of the dog must be made available in print or scanned format before the WestieMed Board of Directors will begin discussing your application. If we do not receive a photo within 10 days (excluding weekends and holidays) from receipt of your application, your case will be closed and no further action taken. This photo is primarily for documentation purposes but may be used for promotional or fundraising activities.
  4. Any documentation (invoices, estimates, etc.) requested by WestieMed must be received within ten days from the date it was requested. Failure to provide the requested items within ten days will cause the current application to be placed in a “closed” status and no further action will be taken.
  5. If the WestieMed Board approves the requested funding, the check will be released after receipt of a summary of the dog’s rescue story by the applicant for use on the WestieMed website. Failure to provide the summary within 10 days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the date it was requested will cause the current application to be placed in a “closed” status and no further action will be taken.
  6. If the members of the WestieMed Board vote to supply the requested funds, there are two ways in which payment will be provided:
    1. A check will be signed by the Treasurer of WestieMed and mailed to the applicant. Bills for the medical treatment must be provided to the Treasurer before the check is issued; the check will reimburse, in whole or in part, the expenses billed by the organization or veterinarian providing the medical procedure. In some cases, an individual may be reimbursed for verified prior medical treatment expenditures (receipts required). 
    2. In those instances where there is a vet bill pending, or cases where we pre-approve a medical procedure, WestieMed can send a check directly to the veterinary office or make arrangements to pay the veterinary office directly via the use of the WestieMed Credit Card.
  7. If the dog is not approved for funding from WESTIEMED the applicant will be contacted by letter or electronic mail, providing an explanation for the denial and offering possible alternatives to the requesting party.
  8. The applicant will be responsible for supervising final decisions on medical treatment, follow-up, fostering, spaying or neutering, and adoption. Proof of neutering or spaying must be sent to WESTIEMED when that procedure has been completed.
  9. The applicant must agree to stay in periodic contact with WESTIEMED while treatment is ongoing and for a period of at least one year following completion of treatment. In order to receive funding from WESTIEMED, case updates must have been received and be current for any prior Westies that have received WESTIEMED aid. 
  10. In addition, information on the rehoming of the dog should be provided to WESTIEMED, including the name and address of the adopting person(s). Any necessary follow-up treatment information should be provided to WESTIEMED for the duration of the life of the dog, and WESTIEMED must be notified of the death of the dog and cause of death. The above information may be used to gather and maintain pertinent medical information about the West Highland White Terrier breed.
  11. The Board of Directors may vote to waive or delay any of the above requirements in the case of a pressing emergency situation. In those rare emergency cases when a vote is taken prior to our receiving a photo of the Westie, no funds will be issued until a photo has been received. If the vote to fund has passed, and the photo shows a dog that does not meet our guidelines, the approval for funding may be withdrawn.
  12. Failure of the applicant to comply with all rules and contingencies set forth by this organization shall result in forfeiture on demand of all funds granted by WestieMed, Inc. Should such a situation lead to a legal process, the applicant is responsible for all costs, including any and all attorney fees and court costs to recover said funds. 
  13. WestieMed, Inc., reserves the right to refuse funding to any applicant who has previously failed to comply with all the rules and contingencies set forth by this organization.