Bonnie - WestieMed Grant Recipient January 2019


No one knows where Bonnie originally came from…she was found in a shelter in 2012 and adopted by a nice couple who loved to spoil her. Things changed in 2018, though, as Bonnie’s mom passed away and then her dad became very ill. When he was hospitalized, friends reached out to Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston to help find Bonnie a forever home.

No one had realized that Bonnie’s health had suffered during the time her pawrents were ill. When she came to WSRH, her eyes and ears were very badly infected, requiring several rounds of treatment to clear them. Bonnie also suffers from Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca or “Dry Eye”, which had gone untreated, causing scarring and ulcers. We treated her with several rounds of eye drops which were ineffective so Bonnie was sent to an ophthalmologist who recommended surgery to put a graft over the ulcer in order for it to heal and save Bonnie’s vision.

Bonnie is recovering now from surgery and will require medicated eye drops multiple times each day, at least for a while. The surgeon expects full recovery and, while she will continue to need drops to treat her dry eyes, Bonnie should regain her vision and go on to live happily ever after in her forever home.

Maggie Escriva
Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston

Update March 2020

Bonnie crossed to the Rainbow Bridge Jan 2020. Suspected stomach cancer.
She had the best last year-plus anyone could have hoped for. Her pawrents were wonderful and spared no expense. She was the queen of the house and feeling good right up until she wasn’t.

Maggie Escriva
Westie & Scottie Rescue of Houston