Molly is an 8 year old diabetic Westie. She came to Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston when her person made the decision to surrender Molly due to her recent diabetes diagnosis.

Before coming to Rescue, Molly lived in an apartment with her person. This worked well because she is OK as an only dog. Morning and evening walks were fine with her. When her person began working from home, Molly got more walks during the day.

Then her person noticed Molly was having incontinence issues during the day and was unable to keep her bedding dry. Molly was diagnosed as diabetic and prescribed daily insulin injections and this is when her life changed. Her person had to return to the office and found Molly’s medication schedule was hard to follow with her work schedule. Molly began going to different in-home doggy daycare that were given instructions on how to administer insulin. She continued to be incontinent as insulin was not being given on schedule, if at all.

Since Molly arrived at Rescue, she has had two glucose curves and her insulin dosage has been increased. She is on a consistent daily food and medication schedule which has shown great results. She is no longer wetting her bed and has more energy for her daily walks. She alerts her foster mom when needs to go out and uses a dog door.

She does have some loss of vision and is seeing a specialist to determine what treatment is appropriate. Molly likes people but does not seem to care about other dogs in her environment. She is a good companion dog.

Cathy Norris, Molly’s Foster Mom, Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston

Update August 16, 2023:

When Molly arrived at WSRH, she was incontinent due to uncontrolled diabetes and fluctuating glucose levels. She immediately moved in with an experienced foster mom who knew that she needed specific testing and maintenance to get her diabetes under control. Thanks to help from WestieMed, we were able to do testing to get her on the correct insulin dose and diet, with follow up testing to make sure her dosage stayed right.  Now that Molly is on a consistent food and medication routine, she’s much healthier and happier. She is now able to keep her bedding dry all night and needs to go out fewer times during the day. She has adjusted well to her food and medication schedule.

Molly is blind from cataracts and has been to the eye dogtor, who says she may be a candidate for surgery now that her diabetes is under control. Her foster mom will be taking her back for further assessment and help Molly make plans for her future. She is available for adoption and still hoping for her perfect furever home.

Kind regards,
Maggie Escriva
Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston