Lencsi - WestieMed Grant Recipient February 2017


Lencsi is an approximately nine to ten years old Westie lady who was rescued in May 2016 in Hungary. She was found in the countryside on the street in horrible condition, so Westie Rescue Hungary picked her up immediately the same day. She did not have a microchip and her owner was not found. Probably that was her luck.  

During her first examination at the veterinarian, the following was diagnosed:

  • Ultrasound examination – small lime crystal sediments are visible on the liver and kidneys. Hernia, probably the uterus is protruded. Operation is URGENT.
  • Lacrimation check – very low, KCS disease, treatment twice a day.
  • Skin issues – infections, alopecia, scratching, postulate, the overall state is devastating. Antibiotics for 2 weeks, mono-diet with hypoallergenic pet food, biweekly bathing. The ear also infected daily treatment.
  • Blood was taken and sent to the lab – the result is promising, only the leukocyte is higher but only due to the inflammation in her body.
  • Heartworm test: POSITIVE
  • Transponder inserted

So we needed to look into her eyes and decide how to proceed, we had to be honest since we had doubts if we can succeed. She was in a lot of pain and we probably never had such a complicated case. But her sweet face and calm, kind nature convinced us that she will fight, she will recover so we started the long rehabilitation

Due to the heartworms, before the surgery we made a heart ultrasound examination as well, which showed that the adult worms are in the lung artery, blood pressure was normal. We operated on her hernia and was obviously neutered her at the same time. Although it was a dangerous operation, her will to survive was strong enough to stay with us. Both back legs had a torn knee ligament – examined by a specialist before the surgery – but we concentrated first on the heartworms and her general condition.

In July allergy test was performed as the improvement was not that satisfying. After the results, we continued with suitable hypoallergenic pet food.

In August we could proceed with the heartworm removal with a catheter which was performed by an Italian specialist – the first time we had this kind of surgery on a Westie. As a result, two adult heartworms were removed and medical treatment was continued. Her skin became better and better with time.

In December we made a control blood test and the results were perfect. The lacrimation check also showed significant improvement. All vaccinations could be given to her and the control heartworm test gave a NEGATIVE result. So we were very happy!

We got the green light to do the surgery of her leg and in January 2017 after an x-ray, the surgery was performed. Her leg will never be perfect, but she won’t have pain anymore. After a short break, we plan to operate the other leg in March. And after that, almost one-year rehabilitation will end and Lencsi will hopefully find her forever home.

Lencsi’s medical costs were high, so we can say that she is one expensive Westie, but WestieMed will help us to cover most of it for which we are very grateful.

Update November 22, 2017

Lencsi - WestieMed Grant Recipient February 2017
Lencsi – WestieMed Grant Recipient

Lencsi had been adopted yes and she is doing fab.

Zero - WestieMed Recipient March 2009


A young lady that worked in a pet store at the local mall had gone into the restaurant that a friend of mine worked in and asked her if she wanted or knew of someone who wanted a free puppy. She text messaged her mom and it so happened that I was over and she asked me if I was interested in a free puppy. Well at first I was hesitant in saying yes because first off a puppy is a lot of work and also my thoughts were “what’s wrong with him”? Fifteen minutes later she texts again saying it’s a West Highland Terrier…still with some doubt I said to tell her I want him but first to ask the girl what was wrong with him. Her reply was that he had a low immune system and that he was kept in the back away from the other puppies and that’s why they couldn’t sell him.  So I figured ok a low immune system that’s something simple that can be taken care of.

When he came home with her that night he was interested in all of us but still not too sure. The little guy had a crusty nose and smelled. As he sat there taking in his new surroundings he started coughing this retched cough. And when I held him to comfort him I could hear he was wheezy. Right away I felt bad for this little guy and I was glad that I had taken him in and was going to love him. That night at home I decided to name him after a character in one of my favorite movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas, I figured Zero was a perfect name for a Westie.

The next day at the vet I told him the story of how they were giving him for free and how they told me he just had a low immune system. To make a long story short turned out the Zero more than likely came from a puppy mill, had surgery to fix his hernia and at the same time, he was neutered. The “low immune system” turned out to be two ear infections, which one ear was already yeasty, and the cough was already turning into pneumonia. Zero was treated with two different types of antibiotics and an ear ointment plus an ear wash every other day. While Zero was on the antibiotics his cough did settle down.

About two weeks had passed when one early morning he started up again and the runny crusty nose and the coughing at this point were back full force again. I took him back to the vet as soon as they opened. Turned out that Zero’s bronchitis was back and he was going to need a treatment that I wasn’t able to afford, so the vet gave us the option of putting him back on a stronger dose of antibiotics for seventeen days with weekly check-ups. The vet did say that if the cough came back I had no other choice but to do the recommended treatment for his lungs to get rid of the cough.  And two weeks later his cough was back again with the snotty crusty nose.  He was not able to run around like he does because starts to cough and at times causing him to throw up and depending on how he feels his breathing at night is very rapid.

I have only had Zero for a short time but during this short time he stolen my heart and I would be devastated if anything were to happen to him. That is why I am very thankful and blessed that I came across the wonderful people at WestieMed! Because of them, Zero will soon be able to sleep well at night and run around like I know he wants to without the need to stop because of a coughing spell.

Update June 25, 2009

Zero - WestieMed Recipient March 2009
Zero – WestieMed Recipient

I just wanted to update you on Zero. Zero had his treatment the very next day we receive the check in the mail. The lab results had revealed that he had a really bad case of kennel cough and his vet prescribed a much stronger dose of antibiotics to clear him up of the infection.

Well, the antibiotics helped Zero while he was on them but once he was done with the medication his pesky cough came back along with the snotty nose. So Zero is taking antibiotics almost every day to keep the infection from getting worse.

His Vet said the next step is taking him to a specialist (which I know it is going to cost me money I don’t have) because it seems that his respiratory system isn’t functioning properly by “filtering” out the icky stuff he breaths in. He fears that it could possibly be the death of such a good pup like him. But Zero doesn’t let this bring him down! He still loves going out for walks to the dog park and play fetch or just crawl into my lap for a quick nap.

I want to thank you again for the help!
Ana & Zero

Update October 8, 2009

Zero - WestieMed Recipient March 2009
Zero – WestieMed Recipient

Zero still, of course, has his cough, but that will always be part of him. He currently is on a two week round of antibiotics since the weather change has had a little effect on him and just to be safe we decided to put him on antibiotics.

This time he went three months without any medications, thanks to his vet’s suggestion of giving him a children’s chewable vitamin C tablet every day to see if it helped to strengthen his immune system and it has helped him extremely!

We will keep you posted on his well being in a couple of weeks once he’s done with his antibiotics.

Meanwhile, enjoy a picture of him on his first birthday! What a milestone for him considering how he was when I first got him!

Thanks once again to you guys!!!

Update July 10, 2010

Zero - WestieMed Recipient March 2009
Zero – WestieMed Recipient

I just wanted to let you know Zero is doing great!

He had his second comprehensive vet exam a few months back and the vet said he was great!

Of course, he still has his little cough but that makes him special! He hasn’t had a need for a round of medication, so that’s good.

For now, here’s a picture of him getting out if the bath.

And we will be celebrating his second birthday next month, yay!!

Ana and Zero

Lilly - WestieMed Recipient


February 2006: 

My name is Lilly. For the first seven years of my life, I was confined to a cage in Missouri and forced to produce many litters of puppies The summers were hot, the winters cold, and the barking of doggies constant. 

One day, the greatest thing happened. The breeders decided to give me to a nice lady named Kathy from Scottish Terrier Rescue of Western Missouri. Kathy in turn gave me to some other nice people from Oklahoma Westie Rescue. Boy did my life change. I was given a bath, got all the food I wanted, and had a warm bed all to myself. The best part was the other happy westies that taught me to play. 

One day, my new humans took me to the Vet. I got medicine for the first time in my life and found out why I had so much trouble breathing and gaining weight. It seems my heart has three leaking valves and, because of years of having puppies, I had hernias. The vets told my people to take me to Oklahoma State University (OSU) Vet School for a cardiac workup. 

At OSU, the nice vets spent all day with me. I don’t know what a test is, but there were sure a lot of them. When the day was over, I got the news. My heart couldn’t be repaired, but with medication, my breathing wouldn’t be so hard. I could live with that, my life was already 100% better than it had ever been.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, it did. In November of 2005 my new mommies, Beth and Pam, came to get me. They told me I would be theirs forever and promised to spoil me. They weren’t kidding. I got everything I wanted. My mommies were so easy to train.

One day in December, I started feeling bad. I couldn’t keep any food down and I was losing weight. My mommies rushed me to the vet and I was told I have an inguinal hernia and needed immediate surgery because my intestine had gone through the hernia and caused a blockage. My weak heart made the surgery risky, but my mommies wanted to save me and agreed to the procedure to repair the hernia and remove part of my intestine. Needless to say, I made it and feel better than ever. My health will never be perfect but I don’t care. I love my life and intend to enjoy it to the fullest. I even have an older sister to play with now. 

I have been an expensive doggie so far and the bills were piling up. Mommies applied to WestieMed for some help and these good people agreed to pay some of our bills. Are these great humans or what? 

I have so many wonderful people to thank for my life. Kathy from Scottish Rescue, Mike, Meredith, and Theresa from Oklahoma Westie Rescue, the many vets who healed me and WestieMed for helping my parents. My mommies and I will always be grateful and know we are truly blessed.

Love and Kisses, Lilly

Update, April 2006:

 I am very saddened to report that Lilly died on April 27th. She succumbed to heart disease. We spent most of the late-night in the emergency center – the x-rays were frightening, her heart was so enlarged and most of her lungs were filled with fluid and very little air. She was severely struggling for air.

I must say that these last months of her life were very happy. She brought so much joy into our lives and seemed to really grab life with much gusto. She was feisty and sweet. She loved to stand with her front legs in her water bowl. We bought her a make-shift wading pool and she would stand in it with all four feet and drink water at the same time. She loved standing in her pool.

I am so sad and miss her greatly. Thank you for allowing me to have her for as long as I did.

Sincerely, Beth 

Bach - WestieMed Recipient


March 2005:

The mission of Rainbow Rescues, Inc., in Casper, Wyoming, is to visit kill shelters in hopes of saving dogs that are about to be euthanized usually due to lack of space. One day a very small creature appeared, huddled in the back corner of a kennel. He was very dirty, yellow, shivering, and frightened beyond words – to the point of nipping when approached. Who knows “Bach’s” history? He was found at a waste treatment plant. Very difficult to get to for the little one; it did seem that he had been dumped. Fortunately, the shelter impounded him, cared for him the required seven day period for strays, and was willing to release him to rescue.

Bach - WestieMed Recipient
Bach – WestieMed Recipient

We went directly to the vet, mostly to see if he was closer to life or death. Good news: with a couple of baths, Bach magically became a white “swan.” He was determined to be about seven to eight years old and generally in good health. But he had been sorely neglected for years. Bach had four vet stays, three for surgeries. His teeth were cleaned (none had to be extracted,) a baseball-sized hernia was repaired and four to five small tumors were removed. Then several large warts were removed, one from his eyelid. Finally, two more tumors were removed. He had a complete health exam, blood screening, and many medicated baths which he quite enjoys. Bach’s coat is extremely thin, nonexistent in many places. There is no hair on his tail, back legs, or neck. He takes a couple of medications to encourage skin/coat health. Good food regularly and a sense of security have helped too.

Through all of this, Bach never nipped again. He certainly knows that he is no longer alone, out in the cold Wyoming weather. He has recovered nicely. After a couple of months of care and TLC, Bach turned out to be a doll. He loves basking in the sunshine, going for walks, eating, and more eating. And he is beginning to cuddle; it took a long time for him to be comfortable with that. He does sit up to win hearts – and it is very effective! All of his incisions have healed and some are even covered with hair! He is now housetrained, crate trained loves to ride on a pillow looking out the side window, and is very obedient and well mannered.

Bach - WestieMed Recipient

The donation from WestieMed to help with his medical expenses made it possible for Bach to be completely rehabilitated, physically and emotionally. He will be forever grateful for their compassion and generosity. According to the vet’s last comment, “he is making great progress and should have several years of healthy life ahead.” Bach may be enjoying the Utah sunshine for the rest of his life. He has a very positive forever home currently being evaluated. 

Sincere appreciation for your assistance.

Rainbow Rescues, Inc. Bach, Valued Rescue Dog Jan Dodson, Director 

Cutie - WestieMed Recipient


February 2005:

Cutie got his name from the office manager at my vet’s office. I had just gotten him from his breeder the night before and hadn’t been told his name, so she quickly named him for the records. 

Cutie was surrendered to me because I run a small dog rescue, and he had a huge hernia in is the groin. While my vet gives me a very generous discount for my rescued dogs, he estimated Cutie’s surgery to repair this hernia would run $200 – $400. Since adoption fees are my only source of income for my rescue organization, and an eight-year-old retired stud dog wasn’t going to bring anywhere near that much money for his adoption fee, I turned to WestieMed for financial assistance, and they agreed to fund his vet bill. 

He’ll have the surgery next week, as well as dental work and he’ll be neutered, and will then be available for adoption. He’s a very good, very sweet, mild-mannered boy and will make a wonderful companion for some lucky person.

Pat Kellim Small K9 Rescue Paragould (NE) Arkansas

Update, February 17, 2005:

Cutie had his surgery today. it was a hernia…a huge inguinal hernia and the testicle on that side had become infected too. H also had to have a lot of teeth pulled. The vet said in a few weeks he’ll feel like a new dog…and that he had to have been in a tremendous amount of pain for a very long time ;-(


Cutie - WestieMed Recipient
Cutie – WestieMed Recipient

Update: May 29, 2005:

Here is Woody. He is doing so well. This is the cutest, funniest little dog you can imagine. He is totally mellow about everything. He’s super affectionate, gentle, and fun-loving. We have now had him about three and half months, he is mostly housetrained and just a delight to live with. He will be getting his first haircut in about two weeks. We’re looking forward to his new image. He is healthy, active, and just great. He gets along well with our other Westie rescue, Muffy. She is a nine-year-old female from a puppy mill near Kansas City. We have had her for two and a half years. His “zipper” on his belly healed beautifully. It is difficult to find it now. We put his dog food through the food processor because he has so few teeth, but he LOVES to eat. We are feeding them Eagle Pack, which was recommended to us by a dog groomer. They really like it. His coat is thick and healthy. He almost never scratches, doesn’t seem to have allergy problems at all. This is a great dog! Thanks so much for letting us be his forever family.

Cheers, Marge & Tom 

Maggie - WestieMed Recipient


July 2000:

Maggie was the 15th dog that we rescued this year. She is approximately two and a half years old. We picked her up on June 1, 2000, from Akita Rescue in Kansas. Akita Rescue got Maggie from a backyard breeder. Although Maggie had been purchased as a breeding dog, she never had any puppies.

She was taken to the vet on June 2nd and vaccinations and preliminary vet work was done. She was scheduled to be spayed on June 6, 2000. When Maggie returned to the vet on the 6th, we discovered a large hernia. It was not an emergency surgery, but it was something that needed to be repaired and we chose to have the repair done at the same time as the spay, so Maggie would not have to undergo multiple surgeries.

Maggie came through the surgery well, but the additional surgery created a large surgical scar and a drain was necessary to aid in the healing. Maggie had to wear an Elizabethian collar for almost a week to protect the surgery site. She was also treated with a course of antibiotics.

Maggie has continued to progress well. She did develop an allergic reaction to the internal stitches and was placed on additional antibiotics to prevent infection. That problem has now cleared up. Her external stitches have been removed and every thing looks good for complete healing.

Thank you very much for this wonderful service that you provide.

Luann Johnson Westie Rescue of Missouri Smithville, Missouri

Update September 2000:

Maggie - WestieMed Recipient
Maggie – WestieMed Recipient

Hi all! Maggie is doing wonderful! I adopted Maggie on June 11th, 2000. She has settled in very well to her new home and gets along with her Westie Brother, Winston. Maggie won her Junior Earthdog title from AKC on Labor Day Weekend in Roscoe, IL. We are in obedience classes and agility classes. She loves going to the nursing home with Winston to visit the residents there. She is a wonderful addition to my life! She is so sweet and I love her very much. Thank you for helping to fund her hernia surgery. Here are some updated pictures of her. One of the pictures is when we celebrated her 3rd birthday on 09/14/00 at my obedience club. You can see her Earthdog ribbons she won also in the picture.

Thanks again! Pam Groves, Maggie and Winston

Update July 2002:

Maggie - WestieMed Recipient
Maggie – WestieMed Recipient

Update July 2002:

Maggie is doing just wonderful. She just earned her AKC Senior Earthdog title on June 1, 2002. We are training in obedience and agility also. We have entered a few agility trials but the “zoomies” have gotten the best of her! I am thinking we might do better at indoor agility trials than ones held outdoors! I am planning to show in Obedience Novice B this fall.

Maggie participated in the West Highland White Terrier Club of America’s Parade of Rescues during their National Specialty in Oct. of 2001 in PA. It was an honor to participate in this event and we both enjoyed it.

Maggie - WestieMed Recipient
Maggie – WestieMed Recipient

Here is a picture of Me, Maggie on the day she earned her last qualifying leg towards her Senior Earthdog title and the Judge Liz Battista.

Thanks so much for all of Westie Med’s help with Maggie when she needed it.

Pam Groves, Maggie and Winston

Update November 2003

Former Westie rescue, Maggie, my rescue girl earned her Master Earthdog title this past weekend in Iowa. In just three short years and 7 earthdog test weekends, Maggie has soared through the earthdog program! She earned her Junior Earthdog title just 3 months after I adopted her in September 2000! She earned her Senior Earthdog title in 2002 and we just started Master earthdog tests in June of 2003 and now has her ME title!! We really don’t train either, just work on whistle recalls that worked like a charm in Senior and we also used the whistle for the field work in Masters. The last two test weekends the field was tall grass, in September it was 4 feet tall, and this past weekend it was about 2 1/2 feet tall. Maggie just hopped right through those fields like the huntress she is!!!

Maggie will now receive the Versatile Westie Award the West Highland White Terrier Club of America gives out yearly!!! I am so proud of my little Maggie Mae!!!

Pam Groves U-AGI,U-CD
Sir Winston Roscoe Groves CGC,TDI,CD,NA,NAJ
Maggie Mae Beason CGC,TDI,CD,ME