Ivy came to us possibly bred from a commercial breeder.  The initial exam and ultrasound did not detect any fetus so a spay surgery was scheduled.  During that spay surgery two fetus were discovered so the procedure was stopped.  When she gave birth to the puppies, one male and one female, the female developed an infection around the umbilical cord and despite being treated as soon as the problem was discovered by the foster mom, the female puppy died at the vet clinic.

Once the male puppy was weaned, Ivy was once again scheduled for her spay surgery which at that time, it was discovered that her abdomen was filled with blood from a ruptured spleen.  Our vet is not sure how or when this injury occurred but performed a splenectomy.

Ivy was kept overnight for fluids and observation and is now comfortably recovering in her foster home.


Janeal Dominico, President

Wendy Tremaine, Secretary

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