Jenny came to WRSE (Westie Rescue Southeast) as the owner was asking to have her euthanized. As an 8 year old dog, the vet would not do so. One of our volunteers, (Also Jenny) picked her up, made a vet appointment for her and agreed to foster her. The vet visit resulted in finding she was in Ketoacidosis due to untreated Diabetes. She was immediately hospitalized to try and get her blood sugar normalized.

During the time she was in the hospital, WRSE was able to place her in a Westie-wise home with people who had experience with a diabetic dog. They lovingly took her in when she was stable enough to go home. She enjoyed her time with the family, but her illness returned and she had several visits to the ER in a short period of time. She needed an ultra-sound and was moved to a facility where they could accomplish this and care for her other needs. She had 2 nodules on her bladder. They were sent for tests and are yet to be determined.

Over the course of a few days she wasn’t eating, and had serious gastro-intestinal issues, along with complications of Diabetes and possible Cushing’s Syndrome. The hospital stayed in contact with us and kept us looped in at all times. On Friday, February 23, she took a turn for the worse. The Vets feared there really wasn’t much more that they could do for her. Her body was tired and worn out, which made recovery very difficult. She had been left untreated too long.

Despite the efforts of WRSE, many volunteers and supporters, we had to say goodbye and she is now healthy again at Rainbow Bridge. She knew she was loved, even if only for 6 days with her foster family.

Run free, sweet Jenny!