Penny is a 5 year old West Highland Terrier who was surrendered to our rescue, The Original Westies Rescued UK (TOWRUK) by her owner of 1 year, in September 2023. The reason he gave us was that Penny was too strong for him on walks and ‘pulled’ him over several times! Our transporter collected Penny and transported her to our lovely fosters, Kevin and Susan situated in North East England, who had not long ago lost their Westie Daisy.

Penny quickly settled in with Kevin and Susan and after a few days in foster care they noticed Penny was limping from her rear right knee so we booked her into our vets for a full health check. The vet on duty suggested Penny has x-rays to determine the cause of her limping and advised us, after her health check, that Penny was also suffering from Grade 4 dental disease and would require some tooth extractions. Penny’s previous owners vet confirmed that Penny’s leg and tooth conditions were previously diagnosed and recorded but not acted upon. To date Penny has settled in really well with our fosters and during our visits to see Penny she seems really happy. She has been spayed, had 9 teeth extracted plus a diseased bone removed as part of her dental procedure.

Penny’s completed x-rays have shown that Penny requires cruciate ligament surgery to her right back leg and possibly her left back leg in the future and was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in both of her back legs for which she will be put on recommended medication ‘Librela’ permanently.

We would like to very sincerely thank WestieMed for very kindly approving a grant to help with the costs of her veterinary surgery/treatment which she so desperately requires to help her to improve her quality of life. Her surgical procedure is planned for later this month.

Carol and Terry Riches

The Original Westies Rescued UK

Update March 3, 2024:

Penny has had her cruciate surgery to her back right leg and is recovering well, on the long road to full recovery. We will keep you updated on her progress. Her veterinary consultant is unfortunately confident her other back leg will require the same/similar surgery and will confirm after next x-rays after her recovery.

Kind regards,

Terry and Carol Riches, TOWRUK Officials

Update March 23, 2024:

Penny is recovering well from her cruciate surgery. The vets are very pleased with her healing. We will advise you when the consultant feels she is ready for the next x-rays to check internal healing and if her other leg requires any treatment/surgery.

Kind regards,

Terry Riches, TOWRUK Official