Penny is a 5 year old West Highland Terrier who was surrendered to our rescue, The Original Westies Rescued UK (TOWRUK) by her owner of 1 year, in September 2023. The reason he gave us was that Penny was too strong for him on walks and ‘pulled’ him over several times! Our transporter collected Penny and transported her to our lovely fosters, Kevin and Susan situated in North East England, who had not long ago lost their Westie Daisy.

Penny quickly settled in with Kevin and Susan and after a few days in foster care they noticed Penny was limping from her rear right knee so we booked her into our vets for a full health check. The vet on duty suggested Penny has x-rays to determine the cause of her limping and advised us, after her health check, that Penny was also suffering from Grade 4 dental disease and would require some tooth extractions. Penny’s previous owners vet confirmed that Penny’s leg and tooth conditions were previously diagnosed and recorded but not acted upon. To date Penny has settled in really well with our fosters and during our visits to see Penny she seems really happy. She has been spayed, had 9 teeth extracted plus a diseased bone removed as part of her dental procedure.

Penny’s completed x-rays have shown that Penny requires cruciate ligament surgery to her right back leg and possibly her left back leg in the future and was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in both of her back legs for which she will be put on recommended medication ‘Librela’ permanently.

We would like to very sincerely thank WestieMed for very kindly approving a grant to help with the costs of her veterinary surgery/treatment which she so desperately requires to help her to improve her quality of life. Her surgical procedure is planned for later this month.

Carol and Terry Riches

The Original Westies Rescued UK


Molly was surrendered to WSRH a year ago, after she was diagnosed with diabetes at eight years old. Her owner had trouble keeping up with her food and insulin schedule, and poor Molly was suffering the side effects. Her experienced foster was able to get her on a schedule and on the road to feeling better. A grant from WestieMed helped Molly get the testing she needed to establish her insulin dose and stabilize her blood sugar levels.

Molly is almost completely blind from cataracts, and the eye dogtor said she would be a suitable candidate for surgery once her blood sugar was stabilized. We booked her for a much-needed dental with her primary vet, who was concerned by some of her bloodwork and requested an abdominal ultrasound. Molly has shown symptoms of Cushing’s, but so far testing has been normal. The ultrasound showed no irregularities.

Molly continues to do well in her foster home, receiving her food and medications on a fixed schedule, and getting her blood sugar under control. WSRH is grateful for WestieMed’s assistance in helping this beautiful Westie feel better.

Kind regards,

Maggie Escriva

Volunteer, Intake Coordinator  Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston

Belle Grace

Penned by Alexis, one of our groomers and one of Belles caretakers at Bubbles & Bows Pet Spa. An account of Belle the first day we met our new mighty senior.

I’ve done rescue for a long time. This is the worst case of neglect I have ever seen. I’ve
groomed matted dogs, dogs with fish hooks in them…you name it, I’ve seen it. But this, this was way worse than I ever imagined. She was brought in for grooming. I expected a matted dog, possible fox tails, but what we got was far worse. She was a broken little soul.

Today, she felt her feet on the ground for the first time in who knows how long. Today, she felt her tail wag. Today, she was able to walk without the tightness of the mats pulling with every step she took. Today, she was able to potty without getting it on herself. Today, she felt loved and wanted. Today… we saved her.

She is going to need a lot of help. No way were we going to let this little girl go back to the shelter. Now named Belle, she needed our help. She’s become part of our family. She needs all the love and support she can get. Who knows her story or why she ended up like this, but all we can do is help her now.
❤ Alexis

We had to think fast. Belle was in need of immediate veterinary care. Her wounds were deep, and the smell of infection was taking over her little body. We immediately called Tiny Paws Rescue and Sanctuary to let them know Belle needed our help. Without any hesitation, the plan was put into place, and Belle was pulled from the Oakdale Animal Shelter. The shelter helped make the process a success and Belle was on her way to the veterinary the next morning . The team at River Oak Veterinary Hospital in Riverbank, CA wasted no time getting this little lady on the road to recovery. Now, with her medication regiment in place, and a game plan, Belle is doing well. This is where your story came into place, and you became part of our village. Belles teeth needed to be addressed. The cost for this procedure was one that can run into the thousands. With the generous help from WestieMed, her future is looking bright. As soon as she is finished with her antibiotics, Belle will have the dental procedure to remove the last piece of her broken past. She’s onto a new life. One filled with love, patience, and compassion. Welcome to our village!

With gratitude,
Stephanie❤ and Little Miss Belle Grace
Tiny Paws Rescue and Sanctuary ❤