I lost the last of my Westies in July. I swore I would not get another dog but my house was so empty with no pets. Then I saw a picture of some Westies that were up for adoption. One in particular looked just like my previous Westies.

Buddy and seven other Westies were relinquished by a breeder who was supposedly retiring. The dogs were being kept in deplorable conditions, living in a shed behind the house. I contacted the rescue group and said I was interested in adopting one in particular. They normally do not adopt out of state but if they could make arrangements, I could adopt him. A rescue transport group was found and the adoption could go forward.

Initially, Buddy tested negative for heartworms. I was told I should have him retested in six months as the first test might have been done too early.

At the six-month juncture he was tested again. This time he was positive for heartworms.

Buddy will be finishing the first segment of his treatment then he will go to the next phase of three injections of Diroban to kill the adult worms. He will need to be confined for an extended period of time. No easy task for a Westie.