Molly was surrendered to WSRH a year ago, after she was diagnosed with diabetes at eight years old. Her owner had trouble keeping up with her food and insulin schedule, and poor Molly was suffering the side effects. Her experienced foster was able to get her on a schedule and on the road to feeling better. A grant from WestieMed helped Molly get the testing she needed to establish her insulin dose and stabilize her blood sugar levels.

Molly is almost completely blind from cataracts, and the eye dogtor said she would be a suitable candidate for surgery once her blood sugar was stabilized. We booked her for a much-needed dental with her primary vet, who was concerned by some of her bloodwork and requested an abdominal ultrasound. Molly has shown symptoms of Cushing’s, but so far testing has been normal. The ultrasound showed no irregularities.

Molly continues to do well in her foster home, receiving her food and medications on a fixed schedule, and getting her blood sugar under control. WSRH is grateful for WestieMed’s assistance in helping this beautiful Westie feel better.

Kind regards,

Maggie Escriva

Volunteer, Intake Coordinator  Westie and Scottie Rescue Houston