WeZoe - WestieMed Recipient October 2008


Named Zoe, meaning ‘life’, this adorable little puppy came to me from a shelter in central Wisconsin. Zoe was so cute and cuddly, but what I didn’t know is how truly sick she really was.

When I adopted Zoe, I wanted my home to be her forever home so I could give her a life, unlike the one she’d had the eleven weeks prior to me adopting her. All I knew about her was that she was found roaming the streets of Chicago with a male pup that looked very similar to her, I’m assuming it was her brother. They both were shipped off to a shelter in central Wisconsin to be adopted out.

Zoe really chose me that day. When her eyes caught mine, I knew I was supposed to take her home. As I was filling out the paperwork to adopt Zoe, she was so adorable, scratching at my pant legs to come to sit on my lap. She loved to be held.

After getting her home and situated I then realized that something was wrong. Zoe wasn’t running and playing like I thought a normal pup of eleven weeks old should be. I called my vet immediately and she came to give Zoe a complete check-up. We found out that little Zoe was sick with a respiratory infection and coccidia. My vet started her on antibiotics right away, only after a few days she was not improving so I made an appointment to get an x-ray and blood work done. Come to find out in the x-ray that she didn’t just have a respiratory infection but she had pneumonia. I was advised by my vet to take her to the Vet Emergency hospital immediately for her best chance of survival…I knew I had to do it…to give her the best chance I could to survive because she deserved a long healthy life after what she had previously been through. I admitted her into the hospital and she spent five long days there. When I would visit her, she was so cute, the minute she heard my voice her little tail would start wagging. With all the pain she was in she still found enough energy in her to wag that little tail and make me feel better.

Little Zoe passed away on Monday, October 13. Even with her small improvements her little body just couldn’t take any more. I am so sad that she was so young and so sick that she didn’t get to be a normal carefree puppy. I could literally picture her running around in the yard and in the house…how I wanted her to get better so those images could come true.

I will always remember little Zoe, she was such a trooper and hung on as long as she possibly could. She loved to snuggle and listen to me talk to her and I will greatly miss her. She was only with me a very short time but that time will never be forgotten. 

She has left a footprint on my heart.

I truly want to thank WestieMed for all of your support…I know Zoe and I really appreciate your donation to try and help her get healthy. It truly is an amazing organization that you have.