Maggie - WestieMed Recipient


May 2000:

Although Madeline’s medical attention was not directly funded through WestieMed, she is nevertheless a WestieMed success story.

In April of 2000, Madeline’s owners contacted WestieMed to inquire if there was any assistance available for their very sick Westie. She desperately needed a very expensive surgery or she would die. Madeline’s owners simply could not afford this surgery.

WestieMed could not be of direct assistance in this case inasmuch as Madeline was an established pet and not a rescue dog. However, she was referred to IMOM (In Memory of Magic), a wonderful organization whose mission is to better the lives of sick, injured, and abused companion animals.

Once IMOM approved Madeline’s case, it was through the efforts of the WestieMed Board of Directors and WestieMed supporters that we were able to spread the word to Westie lovers across the World that a Westie was in need!

Westie lovers responded, and in May of 2000, Madeline had the surgery to save her life! We are very happy to report that she is recovering nicely.