Pixie - WestieMed Grant Recipient February 2012


Pixie is a dog that was turned into Westie Rescue of Orange County and Beyond in March of 2011 by the son of her owner who had dementia.  When she came to us, she was in severe distress from multiple infections and the most severe case of atopic dermatitis we have ever seen.  She had a sweet demeanor and her big eyes looked into ours with a pleading cry of “please, help me.” So, she began the journey down her road to recovery.

Antibiotics, medicated baths, ear drops, and a special diet all contributed to Pixie’s recovery. But, the biggest and most dramatic improvements were seen when she started taking Atopica.  We have worked with two different veterinarians and spent many months of trial adjusting the dosage and have settled on a dosage o 50mg. We have assurance from the vet this is a safe dosage for a dog who may live another ten years.

Pixie - WestieMed Grant Recipient February 2012
Pixie – WestieMed Grant Recipient

We, here at Westie Rescue, are ecstatic about the turn around this dog has made and thrilled that she is healthy again.

As you might imagine, it has been difficult placing Pixie in a permanent home due to the ongoing cost of the Atopica she needs to live a comfortable life.  Just recently, a retired nurse has expressed interest in our little Pix. 

It has been a very long journey for Pixie and we are very hopeful that she may finally find her perfect home.  We will keep you updated.

Thank you all for funding our little Pixie.  I cannot express how much we appreciate your generosity.  Thank you again.  Pixie sends kisses!!

Kay DeLoach President, WROC

Update February 6, 2013

Pixie spent 297 days with WROC and traveled a very long road to recovery.  She emerged a beautiful Westie.  She was adopted by a wonderful new Mom, Marge.  Marge says that she took one look at Pixie and knew that it was meant to be. 

Pixie continues to thrive but will need to take Atopica for the rest of her life.  WROC set up a program for Marge, who is a senior, to purchase Atopica at half price.  Thanks to the generosity of WestieMed, we were able to restore Pixie’s health and place her in a loving home.

Kay DeLoach
Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond