Kramer - WestieMed Grant Recipient September 2017


Kramer has had skin problems for as long as he can remember and his family, who loved him very much, contacted Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston for ideas to help him feel better. We spoke with them about diet and medical care. They adjusted his diet and took him to specialists who prescribed medicated baths and medications. All the while, Kramer’s family was also dealing with other family members’ medical issues and, when it became too much for them, asked that WSRH take him in.

Kramer was a happy boy despite his obvious misery so we rolled up our sleeves to try to get him feeling better. Our vets at Bear Branch Animal Hospital assessed him and helped form our initial course of treatment which included continuing restricting his diet and his anti-fungal medication, antibiotics, prednisone, and medicated baths. Although skin scrapings did not show any mites, the blackness around his eyes, ears, and sides made us suspect he might have demodectic mange so we added Advantage Multi to his regimen and, when he started to improve, we started to wean him from his medications. Kramer was able to stay off prednisone long enough to get a much-needed dental but his skin started getting worse again so the vet recommended putting him back on a short course to try to get through the issues.

Kramer - WestieMed Grant Recipient September 2017
Kramer – WestieMed Grant Recipient

Over the next months, we continued Kramer’s regimen of antimicrobial and anti=fungal baths along with medications and restricted diet and he seemed to improve and then he would suddenly get worse. We tested him for thyroid conditions, which showed normal, but biopsies of his skin showed the presence of resistant staph infection, requiring specific antibiotic treatment. Following a three month course of the antibiotic determined to combat this bacterial infection, tests showed it had cleared and another resistant bacteria presented, requiring a different antibiotic. We also had allergy tests done to determine if there were any environmental causes, but he only showed sensitivity to Black Willow trees and cat dander, neither of which are in his immediate environment.

We have considered Kramer to be like an onion, peeling one layer of issues after another, as we continue to treat fungal and bacterial infections. We are grateful to WestieMed for assisting with the process to rule out some issues and, hopefully, get a handle on what is needed to get and keep Kramer healthy. We look forward to his finding a forever home where he can live happily and healthily ever after.

Maggie Escriva
Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston

Update July 11, 2018

Kramer - WestieMed Grant Recipient September 2017
Kramer – WestieMed Grant Recipient

Kramer turned six yesterday so it seemed a good time for another update. As you know, he found his furever home with a longtime Westie rescue volunteer who will continue his regimen and keep him feeling good.

Kramer’s mom works from home and says he is her shadow, always nearby watching what she’s doing.

We are grateful to WestieMed for the assistance that enabled us to continue testing and treating Kramer until we could get through the itch. He has a good life ahead of him now that all the infections are gone.

Kind regards,

Volunteer, Intake Coordinator, WSRH