Sammi - WestieMed Grant Recipient Nov. 2019


Sammi’s life from the beginning was bleak. He came from a pet store and his new owners probably didn’t know anything about his breed but did know that he was a cute snowball and they wanted him. They taught him cute tricks like sitting up and begging but he never saw a veterinarian for three years. He started his itching and biting at himself until his belly was a thick gooey black yeasty mess and he didn’t smell very good so he ended up being tied outside for a good majority of his short little life getting worse and worse with no protection from fleas or mosquitos.

Luckily, a neighbor and a dog lover saw his plight and asked the owners if they could take him in. They bathed him and tried to fix his itching but he continued to bite at himself and lick his paws raw. They didn’t know what to do for him so they contacted Westie/Cairn Terrier Rescue of SW OH who took him in. He had the worst case of Malassezia Dermatitis I had ever seen and he had what looked like a mass next to his sheath. This was going to become expensive and he wasn’t neutered to boot.