May 2021

Senior and special need dogs are very close to our hearts, so after losing three very special geriatric forever foster dogs within weeks of each other in April 2020, we became aware of Herbert, a 12-year[1]old Westie with chronic skin, back and leg issues and diminished eyesight. Herbert was found roaming the streets by a good Samaritan and Westie & Scottie Rescue of Houston took him in where he remained in rescue for 1 ½ years. They took fantastic care of Herbert, but with no potential adopters willing to take on Herbert’s chronic issues, the cost that goes with it and Herbert’s advanced age, we felt it was in his best interest to come to WROC as a forever foster.

Amid the pandemic, we flew to Houston to pick up Herbert and flew back to California the same day. Herbert is being treated by an ophthalmologist but unfortunately, due to the lack of care before he reached rescue, Herbert’s eyes are permanently damaged, and he will be on four eye medications, three times a day for the rest of his life. He is also being treated by our dermatologist specialist and though he no longer scratches and is comfortable, he has permanent hair loss due to damaged follicles. Along with having compressed discs in his spine, Herbert is now in need of bilateral TLPO surgery to repair his torn meniscus, torn cruciate ligament and luxating patella in both legs.

Herbert will have surgery on both legs at the same time in June with a board-certified orthopedic specialist to the tune of $9300.00. We knew going in that Herbert’s on-going medical issues would be costly, which was the reason we bought Herbert to WROC as a forever foster so that he will always get the care he needs. We can manage the irreversible damage to his eyes and skin due to previous neglect, but with Westie Med’s help, Herbert will receive surgery that will prolong quality of life, a promise we made to Herbert and all our forever fosters before him.

Thank you WestieMed!

Karen Simondet and Kay DeLoach, Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond

Update October 28, 2021:

It has been four months since Herbert had his bilateral TLPO surgery and what a difference it has made with his quality of life!  Herbert no longer limps and moves about very comfortably.  The surgery has also helped ease discomfort with his compressed discs in his spine.  He did gain two pounds which is a lot for a dog his size because he was on strict crate rest but now that he has recently been given the okay to resume his daily walks, we are working on walking off the extra pounds. 

Our little big Texan dog at heart is living the dream!

We owe WestieMed a huge thank you for helping Herbert live his very best life.


Update September 28, 2022

Our little big Texan is doing quite well since his bilateral TLPO surgery. it’s been a little over a year now and Herbert walks with ease. We noticed occasional limping and had him looked at by his surgeon and as suspected, he is feeling the effects of normal osteoarthritis. We are treating him with gabapentin and rimadyl as needed. The exciting news is that his dry eye has improved considerably. He just had his six month follow up with the ophthalmologist and his tear production went from 09 mm in both eyes to 22 mm since we changed his medication dosage and from drops to ointment. He is now on 0.03% Tacrolimus ointment, 2% Cyclosporine ointment, and Neo-polydex twice a day. The Optixcare Ophthalmic gel several times a day helps keep his eyes lubricated in between medications.

Herbert is a happy boy. He loves his routine, his favorite bed and his walks around the neighborhood and continues to try and lure us into the kitchen where he thinks all the magic happens.