Hello to the WestieMed family and to the supporters and recipients like myself who have received help from the WestieMed community. With gratitude I’m pleased to share my experience about the WestieMed family! I call them family because this is who I see them as. From the beginning to end these folks have been more than I expected for me and my baby Amber.

Amber was rescued and after 6 months we found an issue with her hip/ leg called Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. This affected her ability to walk and, at times, even worse it broke her spirit. From the start Amber was a loving, sweet soul always cheerful by waggling her tail showing affection and so forth. But 6 months in I saw a drastic change where she began hopping on 3 legs – that is when I realized something was definitely wrong.

With me living on a fixed income, the first thing that came to mind is if a problem is discovered, where would the funds come from to cover the cost.

This is when I first encountered the WestieMed family. I reached out to them seeking help and some assistance. Within minutes the WestieMed family replied in concern to help and the requirements needed for assistance. I provided the information to them and they didn’t hesitate to render their assistance!

I received financial help to correct that issue and Amber had surgery. I felt the issue was taken care of, however, periodically Amber would begin hopping on the leg like before and also lost her appetite. I took Amber for a veterinary consult and I found out the same issue was still there and the surgery did not repair it!

Second time around I reached out to the WestieMed family and again they walked with me through every step of the way! Amber’s surgery was a success and was paid through the WestieMed organization.

My Ambie can now live free from this issue and we look forward now to a normal life! I am grateful and thankful for all the help we received from the WestieMed family and just want to say I can’t speak about any other Charitable organizations out there but this one. The dignity, respect, integrity, support and the relief of stress this organization offers is immaculate.

May I say thanks again for the help and assistance we’ve received from you. It is truly appreciated.

Because of the WestieMed family Amber is recovering and healing up, even moving around periodically on the leg. She went for a post-op surgical care appointment and all is well.

She will have to do therapy because over time she lost 90% of mobility on that leg, but thankful and grateful we found the WestieMed family to help us through our trying time.

Update December 28, 2022:

Season’s Greetings WestieMed family! 

It’s been a while since I have reached out, but i have not forgotten you guys. I am just reaching out before the year ends.

Amber is doing ok, but every now & then she’ll hop off the bad leg especially when it’s very cold. All I can say she might have to live with this issue for the rest of her life.

But I am grateful to have had WestieMed in our corner when we needed you. I hope you all are doing well. Just can’t thank you enough.

Thanks for your help.