Angel came from an older couple as an owner surrender. She was a daddy’s girl. He
unfortunately passed and her mom had major health issues and could no longer care for Angel. She asked her vet for help in finding a safe place for Angel and we were contacted.

This poor little girl has been suffering with long term skin issues. After a couple weeks in
rescue, She was having respiratory issues and coughing. She was taken to the Emergency Vet. The X-rays showed many spots with cloudiness on her lungs and an enlarged heart.
She was kept in the oxygen tent overnight to help her breathe easier. She had an echocardiogram to find the cause. The echocardiogram ruled out a few things. She
doesn’t have heartworm or heart disease. There are some changes indicating potential
pulmonary hypertension but not enough to need medication at this point. This information leads the specialist to believe that it is pneumonia, but not ruling out Westie Lung Disease.

She responded well to the intravenous antibiotics which is why she was moved out of oxygen tent and her respiratory rate improved. We are continuing antibiotic treatment at home and she will go back in two weeks for another X-ray to evaluate if there are any changes in her lungs. She will also follow up with the cardiologist in a few months.

Her skin is showing improvement, but she does have a bad infection in both ears. This poor little girl has a lot going on, but we are doing everything we can to make her feel better.

Thank you for the well wishes. Thank you to WestieMed for helping us help Angel and other Westies in need.

Susie Massey

Westie Rescue SouthEast