Around her second birthday Maxi lady escaped from her home. We don’t know the reason, but after meeting her we realized that maybe this happened for the better. Unfortunately she was hit by a car and found on the street by dog lover, kind people. They rushed to a veterinarian clinic with the bleeding, shaking dog who was in a shock. They found out that she has a microchip and her owners were called to tell them what happened. Due to the fact that Maxi was in a horrible shape and her treatment would have cost a lot of money, they decided to give up on her. 

This was the point when Westie Rescue Hungary came in to the story. We were informed by another organization about Maxi and we were requested to help her. She was already hospitalized and had good care and treatment, but her conidition was still unstable. She needed more examinations which were not possible to make there, so we took her to Budapest, to the Veterinarian University where we have great conditions for such cases. MRI, CT, several other tests were made – Maxi had fructures on the skull and in her jaw, also a huge hematoma and she was not able to see at all at that stage. She was in a lot of pain constantly.

She was hospitalized for a week, we did not know what will happen, if she will survive at all, recover, get back her vision or she will remain disabled in any way. We only had hope and faith that she is strong enough to stay with us. We had to be very patient.  And I can tell now, that Maxi made it. Day by day, week by week she is getting better and better. We need to wait a little bit more and soon we can find her a forever home where she will be happier and will never think of running away again.